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Title: TRC listing at StackOfStake platform
Owner: Ironman
Discovery: None
One-time payment: 5001 TRC (109.95 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling 5001 TRC
Payment start/end: 2020-03-09 / 2020-04-10 (added on 2020-02-28)
Votes: 151 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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To Vote 'No': gobject vote-many 1327d05eecbb2afe86e4da92e920578cbcf8f45520c9d714ff364c47931ff5ac funding no
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This proposal is created by the StackOfStake team member. We are offering an exclusive free listing at our platform to TerraCoin (TRC).

StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. We are offering the pooled staking and shared masternode services for 50+ different blockchains.
The platform is perfect for anyone who doesn't have enough coins to run its own masternode or who wants to rid of the maintenance staking/masternode routine.

Platform features and why will this listing be beneficial for the TerraCoin community:
• full automation and instant operation
• no deposit or withdrawal fee
• 8% reward fee (without any other hidden fees)
• no minimum deposit
• super-clean and intuitive interface
Android and iOS applications
• referral system
• inbuilt exchange is coming in Q2 2020

How will 5001 TRC be used:
In order to provide smooth and instant services, we need to lock one TRC masternode at StackOfStake platform. It will allow us to provide instant rewards accrual, instant rewards reinvestment (compounding), instant withdrawal.

You can learn more about StackOfStake by joining Discord, Telegram chat or following us at Twitter.

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