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Title: Direct donation through TRC
Owner: TRC_Helps_The_World
Discovery: None
One-time payment: 12044.71920499 TRC (154.33 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet
Payment start/end: 2019-02-26 / 2019-03-29 (added on 2019-02-13)
Votes: 88 Yes / 14 No / 8 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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A private donor has asked us to help him donating the clothes of his children where they are really needed.
We contacted one of the charities of our list ( and asked them whether they'd like to receive such a donation.
The response was enthusiastic.
We published the following discovery to check how would TRC Community feel about our action if we'd conduct it on their behalf:
As the reaction was positive, we sent two packages with 22 items to the selected charity. (The tracking of the second package is still available here:, the tracking of the first package seems to be expired:
Once received the donation the charity has published a "Thank you to donor Terracoin" post on their Facebook (

Why this action?
In the city we are based in it's very easy to donate clothes. A respectful charity has put everywhere the boxes and one has just to put the clothes he'd like to donate there. Each day a truck labeled "Dress in solidarity" withdraw the clothes from the boxes. But the clothes are not sent to the poor countries nor they seem to be distributed among the local poors. In fact sometimes one can see the poor people trying to pull out the clothes from the boxes, but the way containers are built doesn't easily allow them to do so. The clothes are being sold in a shop which name is "Dress in solidarity". So the people who buy those clothes are buying them believing their money will be used to help someone, but of course those money are feeding first of all the business expenses and if the business doesn't produce profits nothing can be devolved to anybody.
In this context the original donor can't even dream to have any feedback about his donation.

Despite of the apparent simplicity of the action there was a lot of work involved.
Our local contact alone reported and documented that she worked for more than 68 hours on the charity research, selection, interviewing, creating a presentation of the charity for our Community (, coordinating and making agreements on the details of the operation, creating the cover letter and so on.
However we consider that all the above mentioned work is like building the road. Once the road is built the cost of travelling on it should be quite low.
So we decided to opt for the lower request, that is more similar to how it could look in the future, rather than recovering all the expenses we supported:

Phone calls/coordination 50$
Ideation, translation and graphic of the cover letter 30$
Printing of the cover letter 6€=6.88$
Shipping 80.6€ +1.8€ = 94.4$
Total 181.28$
TRHTW development fee 15% 27.19$
Final total: 208.47$/0.017308=12,044.71920499 TRC

The meaning for TRC
We believe the third sector together with the hightech are the fields that will have an important development with the crypto. TRC was the first cryptocurrency to declare clearly its interest for the third sector. Unfortunately all the attempts tried by the cryptoworld so far were not convincing.
We think TRC's place in the third sector is that of meta-donor, i.e. the donor that creates the infrastructures to promote transparent donations and the actions of the people of good will.
Investing into the third sector infrastructure will give to TRC a great visibility.
In this small action, if it will be financed by TRC dGov, a private donor will have received from TRC all the necessary support (financial, operational, informational, linguistic and so on) to have his donation delivered where it was realy needed and to see a feedback of this action.

Next steps
This action in itself wouldn't mean that much without further development of the idea.
We are wondering whether there is a donor or a group of donors amoung our Commmunity able to put together 167,5$ in order to buy the books for the kindergarten in Bangladesh, as per our recent Discovery,
We'd also like to find another donor amoung us that has old clothes in good conditions he'd donate to an Indian shelter we are in touch with (
The final goal would be to create a kind of e-bay of donations, a platform that connects the charities that are really giving their help locally with the donors that will be receiving a documented feedback about their donations being used for the cause and releasing their feedbacks about their experience.

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