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Title: DigitalPriceExchangeListing
Owner: wanderingwahoo
Discovery: None
One-time payment: 11111 TRC (302.37 USD)
Completed payments: No payments
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-07-19 (added on 2018-06-16)
Votes: 0 Yes / 55 No / 0 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 139 Yes votes to become funded.
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To Vote 'No': gobject vote-many f3c31b657359ded4848d8b07f4fedc167ceedf3cfeb3c7323d3cd64444c419c8 funding no
To Abstain: gobject vote-many f3c31b657359ded4848d8b07f4fedc167ceedf3cfeb3c7323d3cd64444c419c8 funding abstain

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With the huge TRC update coming very soon I think it would be extremely worthwhile to get listed on the new DigitalPrice Exchange and the Masternode Hosting Service. New Wallet, New Website, New Exchange. All of these things in combo could really create some buzz and momentum. Also, in my opinion this is a long term move as it is best to have as much exposure as possible and I really believe this exchange will pick up rapidly. I have been following the DP project team for about 8 months now and I really think they will deliver. Check it out.. The exchange has just been put up for testing this weekend and will officially launch on Monday at

Looking at the test of the looks very clean and well done. Listings are only $1000 but you do have to pay the devs in $DP. I think being one of the first coins on the exchange at such a low listing fee could be a great way to generate continued momentum in addition to all of the TRC updates. 

I have asked for 11,111 TRC because at the current rate of conversion that is $1000 for the listing. I am aware that I will have to trade the TRC for BTC and then for DP to pay the devs. I will not dump any TRC. Only wait for someone to buy. I am hoping that I will be able to have a little bit of extra DP from the conversion so that I can also pay the 1000DP to get TRC added to the Masternode Hosting Service at ...Scrypto is another DigitalPrice $DP project and I have been hosting various coins on the service for a long time now and it has been nearly flawless and extremely easy.

I think Terracoin being added to the exchange and the masternode hosting service can be nice bonuses on top of all the hard work that the team has been doing to get this next huge update out. The bigger more epic this update is...the more buzz and interest we can get out for Terracoin and start helping the world with greater force.

Disclosure: I am a holder of both $TRC and $DP. I believe this is extremely beneficial for the growth of both coins. We need volume and I hope this can help to create it. Let's make a difference!

Rock on Terracoin



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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points, ~1 year ago
Thanks for putting in the proposal! We need to get on as many exchanges as possible.
The issue I see is that with the current proposals that are already in and currently passing there isn’t enough in the budget for this month. So, it will go down to a yes minus no count for the order of who gets paid out.
Since there is only 11 days left in the voting period I would let that proposal die and wait till next superblock to put it in again.
Also going to just goes to a page that says under construction which doesn’t breed confidence. Maybe in that time period they will have set up a better site.
0 points, ~1 year ago
It's a bit risky to invest on new exchanges without solid background information and credits. For this reason I'm voting abstain.