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Title: Cryptrade listing competition
Owner: walkjivefly
Discovery: View - 2
One-time payment: 7800 TRC (314.16 USD)
Completed payments: No payments
Payment start/end: 2019-02-25 / 2019-03-29 (added on 2019-03-07)
Votes: 95 Yes / 36 No / 2 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 49 Yes votes to become funded.
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To Vote 'No': gobject vote-many 5383cf93186500b81e9480dea04b12b9fc18479690cce316d57ba5755e2a1e54 funding no
To Abstain: gobject vote-many 5383cf93186500b81e9480dea04b12b9fc18479690cce316d57ba5755e2a1e54 funding abstain

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Description is a new BTS-based "DEX", rather like Cryptobridge. A listing on Cryptobridge generally costs 3BTC. 
Cryptrade are running a simple popularity competition to offer some coins a free listing. The top 1 coin every 2 weeks will get a free listing. There are 3 ways to vote:

  1. Anyone interested can vote for their favourite coin by joining the Cryptrade Discord and registering one vote per day in the #vote-commands channel.
  2. There is one free vote per IP address per day through the webpage at
  3. And finally, votes can be bought at 0.1 CRCO (their custom coin, available on Cryptobridge) per vote by sending CRCO to the address listed on the "Vote for <your coin>" page. There is no restriction on how many votes can be bought. The address for Terracoin is CanpCkgjQJVgySgoniN8RMHg1hRqzSuM2U

Terracoin is currently at position 26 in the list with around 1170 votes. To get to the number 1 slot this round (which ends on 16 March) would require about 10,500 votes. In the current orderbook on Cryptobridge we could market buy nearly 1800 CRCO (18000 votes) for 0.04BTC - a little over 1% of what a Cryptobridge listing would cost.

At the time of writing this would cost about 7800 TRC. All the numbers up to this point are subject to change.

Proposal will be for 7800 TRC, one time. If the proposal passes I will buy 0.04 BTC worth of CRCO on Cryptobridge. Shortly before the close of voting on 15 or 16 March the CRCO will be sent to the TRC voting address.  It won't guarantee we win the next round of the competition but it will give us a good chance of doing so. If successful, listing will be whenever Cryptrade get round to it. 

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