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Title: Continue Branding Initaitive with Media Distribution
Owner: BlockchainRelations
Discovery: View - 5
One-time payment: 10530 TRC (404.70 USD)
Completed payments: No payments
Payment start/end: 2018-07-19 / 2018-08-20 (added on 2018-07-19)
Votes: 101 Yes / 75 No / 0 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 82 Yes votes to become funded.
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As a continuation of the prior proposal to bring crypto markets and mainstream audiences closer together, we would like to provide two more articles and leverage the distribution of the NetworkNewsWire, InvestorBrandNetwork, PRNewswire's PRWeb brand, and Blockchain Relations Brand Network.

We'd suggest focusing the first article on "How Cryptocurrency can Provide Ongoing Funding for Non-Profits" and the second on "The Oldest Masternode Coin (Hint: Not Dash)". The first topic is most likely to get journalist placements and catch the eye of everyday people who discover the press release or syndicated article on their own via news oriented sites or searching. The second would mainly target the crypto community (and incoporate many of the key aspects in the flipbook that makes us special), but should also do well for those who are hearing of masternodes for the first time and never heard of Dash.

Note on prior proposal: As mentioned before in Mattermost, we've been holding back the video interview paid for by the prior passed proposal (and it's dissemination as well as targeted journalist outreach) until the network issues are fixed so TRC makes the best possible first impression on new audiences, but it's important we stay consistent with the messaging/branding. We're proposing to move ahead with a 2nd proposal to the network to ensure momentum can be maintained when the superblock occures in approx. two weeks (as opposed to going a full month without any activity in mainstream channels). If anyone wants to see the edited recording performed with Josh/ClockUniverse, feel free to reach out for the private link. It is approximately 20 minutes long and represents approximately 6 hours of work between scripting questions, retakes, editing and conversations with community members). We also have the press release for the video already written and reviewed by Josh/ClockUniverse. It's also worth noting that the patch for the network issues is expected this week, so we expect to be able to carry out our objectives soon.

Itemized budget compiled at $0.15 market price (50% above price as of 7/19/18):

  • 1,000 TRC for writing the in-depth overview article on topic one
  • 2,600 TRC for cost of PRWeb's premiere-tier Web Power release - Updated 7/19/18 after requesting community feedback on Mattermost
  • 1,000 TRC for writing the in-depth overview article on topic two
  • 3,330 TRC for dissemination via NNW syndication ( and IBN (
  • 2,600 TRC for cost of PRWeb's premiere-tier Web Power release - Updated 7/19/18 after requesting community feedback on Mattermost

What is being provided at *no* cost:

  • Nothing for Blockchain Relations Brand Network social media distribution both times (
  • Nothing for NNW syndication and IBN distribution of the non-profit focused article
  • Nothing for outreach to 600+ journalists (original reason: we wanted to ensure there's enough budget available for Abettorpin's proposal while still ensuring the most chance for placements, but we've since been told that it will not be put through this cycle)
  • Nothing for writing up the press releases

Special notes:

  • 1,000 TRC will be donated to the Terracoin Foundation Masternodes address - Updated 7/19/18 after community discussion on Mattermost
  • There are no intentions of quickly putting the amount of Terracoin received on the market – we truly believe in the future potential and want to be part of advancing Terracoin's mission
  • The chief project manager (XTR750) holds multiple nodes and will continue to be an active community member
  • Our global MeltWater subscription used to identify journalist contacts retails at $6,000 a year
  • The landing page of both articles would feature ways to connect with Terracoin (example: and social media posts would have TRC branding as the preview image
  • ClockUniverse will be the community's representative to approve content ahead of time
  • Disclaimer, General Terms and Service Agreement as included with last proposal via the presentation:

If superblock trigger doesn't go though:

It's a possibility the payment won't get triggered due to recent network issues. If this happens, Blockchain Relations would write two different article topics and use its own distribution network at no cost without any request for reimbursement.

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0 points, ~1 year ago
You say "it's important we stay consistent with the messaging/branding. We're proposing to move ahead with a 2nd proposal..."

Just how many proposals are you planning on putting in?

Traditional Marketing sentiment suggest "7 touches" before someone is converted. Is it fair to say you ascribe to that?
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hello abettorpin,

It would be our goal to support ongoing media exposure - whether through our own efforts or by voting for others who are willing to do all the work involved (or perhaps wish to collaborate with us on a joint proposal). I only wish more could be done with a larger treasury budget… even though 10,000 TRC is approximately half the budget, at the end of the day it only represents about USD $1000. But, we plan to help these outreach initiatives stretch further by adding product/service at no cost as needed in the future.

I believe it's crucial Terracoin has information constantly flowing on the outside of the crypto border in order to truly accomplish its mission of helping the world, and a credible presence in news-oriented outlets is one of the best ways to do this via the internet (plus, as mentioned before, crypto didn’t actually go mainstream until the media came on board last year). But, of course, it’s so “noisy” and chaotic in this field that it takes time prove yourself as being the real deal while also branding the readers and journalists/reporters (akin to the general marketing sentiment of “7 touches”, which I do agree with in principle).

The strategy of what we propose in a future superblock cycle will be determined by two things:

[a] What was most effective.

For example, we’re going to compare the discounted service of 24-7 Press Release vs. PRNewswire's PRWeb brand, and evaluate if direct journalist outreach via Meltwater leads to sufficient placements for a story like Terracoin’s as there is now multiples higher competition for crypto-oriented placements than there was even 5 months ago. We’ll have a detailed report and an accompanying video going through it.

[b] The amount of TRC requested by others who submit proposals.

We would take the same approach we did with this proposal where I messaged you on Mattermost to ask the amount decided on for the art contest (since you were going to lower the original amount after a discussion with Arthur in the discovery’s comment section), so that our proposal doesn’t compete for funding against a project we believe in as well. If funds are tight in a future cycle, I’m sure we can get creative with our resources or even ask others in the community to work with us (for instance, produce content for the articles, reach out to a portion of the crypto-friendly journalists on the list we compiled, ask various distribution/syndication services for a donation of their service for a nonprofit-focused article or press release, etc.).

I hope this helps. Thanks!
0 points, ~1 year ago
What was the outcome with your previous proposal ?

What has been accomplished so far?
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hello RC, we have the one article completed and fully distributed, which, of course, isn't much to go off of, but here's a zip file ( of two link reports, a rolling screenshot of social media posts, and a bunch of the best ticker-tagged examples (this is the huge part because we appear in high-traffic areas of news-oriented websites like StreetInsider, IBTimes, MarketWatch, etc. Usually NNW charges $5k/mo with 3-month minimum for ability to use the syndication network (which you can confirm by looking in the compensation section of the disclaimer on their website), but there's a $500 per distribution option currently available for crypto so the space can start testing the reach of the network for brand awareness without the 3-month commitment at the traditional rate.

We really should be doing a fully disseminated article every week while branding the same audience because of how many times people have to see something before they step forward, but there's just no budget for it with the current community budget size -- but, of course, just getting content for people to discover Terracoin for the first time and seeing the TRC brand active in virtually untapped channels by other cryptos is quite valuable on its own and we're doing everything we can to maximize it.

As mentioned the discovery description, we will start pushing everything out now that the network issues are fixed, and I think it will be very helpful having the video interview, the article on ongoing funding for non-profits, and the article on the oldest masternode coin all come out fairly close together since the Terracoin brand will be easier to remember with the tighter frequency of publication.