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Title: Dramatically Increase Exposure with News Networks and Well-Followed Social Media Accounts
Owner: BlockchainRelations
Discovery: View - 6
One-time payment: 10660 TRC (426.57 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-07-20 (added on 2018-05-30)
Votes: 139 Yes / 2 No / 0 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Our focus is on bringing the crypto markets and mainstream audiences together. Using the infrastructure and relationships established the past 10+ years, we would like to help Terracoin raise its visibility in a credible manner.

To see an example of our work already done for Terracoin, please view the 22-page flipbook launched recently:


I discovered Terracoin just recently and love it for the history, community governance, self-funded treasury, and masternode network. Interacting with the community and core team caused me to love it even more. I’ve always been a huge fan of self-funded governance coins, but Terracoin’s unique story makes it particularly exciting.

Even though it’s been a relatively short time since I became part of the community, Clockuniverse and I have had several long conversations. A couple of them were about what we’ve done with other community coins and how we could provide the most value at the current stage. I’ve also provided a long list of suggestions for the new website.


Summary of the article portion:

  • Write summary article (already completed and submitted to ClockUniverse for review)
  • Distribute via NetworkNewsWire’s editorial syndication network (
  • Distribute using the 30+ social media brands in the InvestorBrandNetwork (
  • Distribute using the Blockchain Relations Brand Network (
  • Utilize 24-7 Press Release distribution for 3rd party announcement of the article
  • Reach out to 600+ journalist contacts in our custom database compiled with MeltWater

Summary of the interview portion:

  • Perform a video interview with Clock Universe and publish on YouTube and DTube
  • Write a summary of the interview to create an article that can be disseminated
  • Distribute via NetworkNewsWire’s editorial syndication network (
  • Distribute using the 30+ social media brands in the InvestorBrandNetwork (
  • Distribute using the Blockchain Relations Brand Network (
  • Utilize 24-7 Press Release distribution for 3rd party announcement of the interview
  • Reach out to 600+ journalist contacts in our custom database compiled with MeltWater

**Visual presentation with examples of prior work for other cryptos:**


One of our most powerful ways of connecting mainstream audiences with crypto (while dramatically increasing exposure as a whole) is by leveraging syndicated article distribution that ticker tags publicly traded companies. We’ve received placements on MarketWatch, and others. More details on the outlets can be found here: Typically, only “client partners” of NetworkNewsWire clients paying the $5k monthly core client fee get access, but as part of the recent expansion into the crypto markets (pushed by yours truly as one of the directors), we’ve started to offer distribution of single articles to crypto for $500.

This also includes distributing the article via 30 different brands ( built up over the last 10 years that now collectively have over a million social media followers.


Each brand part of the Blockchain Relations Brand Network ( is designed to attract a different type of blockchain and/or crypto enthusiast. There are about 15,000 followers among them all as of right now.


As everyone in PR knows, you can’t put out a traditional press release unless it’s news (this means no advertisements, articles, editorials, etc.). One of the strategies we’ve used in the past to get even further distribution is announcing the publication of an article (i.e. instead of trying to release the article directly to news sites, we announce that the article has been published). I’ve been wanting to try out 24-7 Press Release to see how it compares to PRWeb (a PRNewswire-affiliated company we’ve been using).

We would be happy to pay the $139 for the Integrated Media Pro package at no additional charge both times, which combines both online & traditional media. The news release would be written and then sent to newspapers, magazines, journalists, bloggers & consumers, as well as 200+ news sites.  


  • 24-7 Press Release will send our announcement of publication to 3000+ newspapers and 1500+ magazines
  • The press release will also be sent to Associated Press and 200+ premium news sites for publication
  • Ticker-tagging of MasterCard (NYSE: MA), Vista (NYSE: V) and Overstock (NYSE: OSTK) with NetworkNewsWire will provide direct exposure to self-directed traders who are most likely to understand the implications and have accounts on crypto exchanges
  • Third-party coverage eliminates the stigma of self-promotion, attracts further interest and provides new perspective
  • These initiatives will build up credible content on news-oriented websites for people to discover when researching Terracoin in the future (i.e. the content stays up and will be viewed by others later on as well)

Special notes:

  • The reason we’re wishing to start out bigger than previously intended is because only a small portion of the cycle’s budget is utilized
  • 1000 TRC will be donated to the Terracoin Foundation Masternodes address
  • There are no intentions of putting the amount of Terracoin received on the market – we truly believe in the future potential and want to be part of building it up (I'll pay NNW in fiat and keep the TRC)
  • The chief project manager (XTR750) holds multiple nodes and will continue to be an active community member
  • Our global MeltWater subscription retails at $6,000 a year
  • The landing page of the article and interview for BRBN social media distributions would feature ways to connect with Terracoin (example:

Itemized budget compiled at $0.15 market price:

  • 1,000 TRC for writing the in-depth overview article
  • 3,330 TRC for dissemination via NNW syndication and IBN
  • 1,000 TRC for utilizing MeltWater journalist outreach to 600+ journalists
  • 2,000 TRC for video interview (includes writing questions, recording, editing, and publication)
  • 3,330 TRC for dissemination via NNW syndication and IBN

What is being provided at *no* cost:

  • Nothing for Blockchain Relations Brand Network social media distribution both times (
  • Nothing for 1st purchase of $139 Integrated Media PRO package from 24-7 Press Release
  • Nothing for 2nd purchase of $139 Integrated Media PRO package from 24-7 Press Release


I know that Terracoin is special and want to be a big part of it for as long as the community stays true to the current vision. One day, I’m hoping we can do a full ongoing campaign as we’ve done for others. For instance, using a network of news wires we can hit 56 different countries in 12 different languages. Setting up a news media tracker website, proactive journalist outreach, continual syndicated articles, etc. could also be done.


You’re welcome to contact us through the multiple engagement options on the Blockchain Relations website or on Mattermost using XTR750 username. I am more than happy to share what we’re actively doing for others and my background in syndicated communications & public relations (primiarly in the investor relations space).

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0 points, ~1 year ago
1000 TRC has been donated to the Terracoin Foundation Masternodes address. Here's a link to the transaction in the block explorer:

We thank the community for approving our proposal and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the mission!
0 points, ~2 years ago
Transparency and Integrity

These two characteristics in my mind are chief among the Terracoin Foundation’s many great qualities, and are the basis for my reasoning for voting NO on this Proposal.

Admittedly, when this Proposal was simply a Discovery, and was asking for only 2,500TRC, I thought “why not; let’s try it out.” It wasn’t until that request bumped up 400% to over 10,000TRC that I decided it might be in the best interest of the Community, as well as the reputation of the Foundation, to make sure this company, “Blockchain Relations,” and their claims, are legitimate.

It is my belief that Blockchain Relations and what they claim to provide, is utterly deceptive.

Example 1- All the “Brand” sites on ( are eerily the same (shell sites): Blockchain New Reporter(, (, (, ( etc.

Example 2- 99%+ of the 15k affiliated social media accounts are fake accounts (paid-for Twitter bot accounts). Notice the engagements levels which should be AT LEAST a 0.5% ratio. (, (, (, ( etc. etc.

Exhibit 3- 4 of the 6 “Key Relationships” aren’t linked to anywhere on the (, and the other two are ran by Blockchain Relations themselves ( (, (

Example 4- All the sites on Investor Brand Network( are eerily the same (shell sites), although credit is due for at least switching up the style a bit: (Style 1) ( , ( (Style 2) (, ( (Style 3) (, ( (Style 4) (, ( etc.

Example 5- 99% of the “22 million social media accounts” are fake (paid-for Twitter bot accounts). Again, notice the non-existent engagement levels. (, (, (, (, (, (, (, (

Example 6- There is ZERO evidence of the knowing or willful partnering of the news networks within the ( syndication, suggesting this is merely a list scraped off the internet rather than an vetted, “opted into” syndication we are lead to believe.

Example7- 24-7Press Release( and MeltWater( are equally scammy and spammy, although seemingly separate ploys doing this same rouse.

To me, this entire scheme doesn’t speak to the Transparency and Integrity the Foundation has built its reputation on to date, but rather an elaborate circle-jerk of fake sites and fake social media accounts, set up with the intention of deceiving customers as legitimate; in this instance it’s the Foundation and the Community. (Please also keep in mind I’ve been in sales and marketing for 12+ years, and been around the block a time or two, so this isn’t me just being “naive to how the business works.”)

I take umbrage with:

1) The Foundation and Community being misled into believing the article and video are going to be disseminated through “legit” channels, when it’s really smoke and mirrors

2) The reason for asking for 4Xs the original amount is because “why not, no one else is using it”

3) Blockchain Relations claiming they will remain active Community Members despite Terracoin being just one of as many crypto projects Blockchain Relations can possible leach on to (time will tell)

So how does the Terracoin Foundation and Community *possibly* benefit from this Proposal should it pass? Arguably there are a few benefits, and this review wouldn’t be fair without mentioning them as I see it (although they in no way justify 10k+TRC in my opinion):

1) A promotional flipbook for Terracoin has already been produced. Albeit a template which likely took a few hours to assemble, it is informative.

2) Meta-data with Terracoin’s website and social media links sprinkled throughout the internet, although likely negligible to make any sort of SEO difference considering this space, but it is something.

3) A couple pieces of content to retweet. The Foundation is in constant need of things to tweet about, and this gives them 2-3 tweets.

4) The chances of a few news sites actually reposting the suggested Press Release that is going out, as was the case here Odds of being read in my opinion, low.

5) An interview with Clock will likely be shared for us to host on our YT page, which is something I want to see, and arguably should have been done already.

Additionally, being that I was digging into all this stuff, I happened to reach out to another project that utilized Blockchain Relations to determine what their thoughts were in working with them. This is that exchange:

Me: “Hi Yuval. I work for a small cap crypto part time. We were approached by "Blockchain Relations," and I was wondering if you could please share with me your experience with that group. They claim to have worked with Neblio; Thanks!”

Yuval Amar of Neblio: “Hi Andrew, We did a test campaign with them. They were just starting then so the results did not impress us. I don't know what they are capable of today. Hope this helps. Which project are you working with? -Yuval”

Me: “Terracoin. Thanks for getting back to me!”

Interestingly, we’re being told that all channels to be utilized are “well established” so that fact that Blockchain Relations is "new," shouldn’t matter, right??

Do I believe that Blockchain Relations and XTR750 are sincere in their wanting to see Terracoin succeed and do well? Of course. They likely do own a few MNs as they alluded to, and stand to gain even more should the Proposal pass.

Do I believe the Foundation needs to experiment with differing channels to get the word out about Terracoin? Of course. One of the reasons I believe this is even being considered is because so few have stepped forward to actually put in marketing proposals, which I admit we need more action on.

Lastly, and I will close with this. I have had limited first-hand interactions with XTR750 but I will say that I believe him to be a professional in his manner and communication (for whatever that’s worth). I appreciate his “go-getter” attitude, but not in how he/ they are doing it. It’s sleazy in my opinion, and it feels like a money-grab.

Vote your heart on this. I think it’s clear where I stand. As always, I’m open to being convinced otherwise.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hello Abetterpin,

Feel free to join the SmartCash Discord channel ( and get in touch with me (Mark-BCL#2248) if you would like to hear our thoughts of working with Blockchain Relations as well.

Kind regards,
Mark Hakkarinen
Outreach Ambassador, SmartCash
0 points, ~2 years ago
Hello Schmandy,

I’m glad you are open to being convinced otherwise and are giving a chance for our response before voting as I see there are 0 “no votes” as of this afternoon.

There are a couple things I was shocked to read, but most of the points you brought out were expected since an extra dose of caution is always needed and typical with any kind of proposed outreach initiatives.

To make sure all points are addressed in an easy-to-follow format, I will use the same format as your comment.

Example 1 – We built the “Brand” sites (i.e. with an emphasis on social media the same way most of the brands part of IBN ( were designed. With IBN, we ended up with a vast social media network similar to wire-grade press release services that attract various kinds of personalities (i.e. SeriousTraders attracts day traders and TinyGems attracts those who take a fundamental approach), thereby providing wide-reaching influence in the space. Our goal is the same with BRBN (and we’ll be introducing more brands as time goes on). In today’s world, very few people regularly visit websites. Instead, we must use social media, RSS and email to maintain active engagement. As you can tell, all of our “Brand” sites incorporate these elements. There are no efforts to make these brands look like they are more than this, as we have easy links to each brand on our About Page ( as well as the Blockchain Relations Brand Network homepage (

Example 2 – Are you only using engagement levels to determine 99% of the social media followers are fake, paid-for bots? Please check out They use more than just one metric and you will see consistent ratings of 97%+ on every single one (as opposed to 84% for Donald Trump’s account, 85% for Barack Obama, and even 91% for CoinTelegraph). On that note, CoinTelegraph has 391k followers and yet their average likes+retweets are 144.3 which equals 0.00036% engagement (a fraction of the 0.5% noted as a minimum). So, we may not have a lot of regular engagement (and here’s a link for readers/voters to verify that there is some:, but that’s expected in this space as shown by the direct comparable with CoinTelegraph. Also, I’d recommend recording the follower of each of our brands and then see their steady, consistent, organic growth yourself (which is produced by heavy usage of hashtags) as we have several weeks before conclusion of this proposal’s vote. To be helpful, here are four recorded for all to see here: BCRelations at 658, BCBullReport at 2,056, BCNewsSource at 1,645, BCMarketAlerts at 1,665 (and of course comments can’t be edited, which should provide ongoing validity in the future).

Example 3 – First, we would like to clarify that NetworkNewsWire isn’t run by us. In the proposal, I mentioned my position as a director (the actual title is communications director to be specific). To expand a bit more on this relationship, the company is owned by Michael and we’ve worked together for 11+ years now. I was hired by him personally as a writer in 2007 and later helped build NetworkNewsWire as I also did InvestorBrandNetwork and nearly all of its 30+ properties. This affiliation is clearly displayed on my LinkedIn profile along with many recommendations for what my team has done with various initiatives. As far as the other sites not being linked, I wanted to limit the number of outbound links for SEO reasons, but they can easily be found through a simple search. I can also verify all of them are regularly used by our strategies – just let me know if that is need.

Example 4 – Again, IBN and BRBN are both built with an emphasis on ongoing engagement and reaching as many different personality types as possible. The websites are not the main focus because ongoing engagement through subscription services like RSS, social media and email newsletters is where the real value is at.

Example 5 – I’m not sure where you get “22 million social media accounts”, but we addressed the “fake” part in our rebuttal for Example 2 above. The actual number for IBN is *1.5+ million* and this was all built over 10 years with 90+ different accounts (note: the figure 90 comes from 30+ brands each having an account on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). When you divide the 1.5 million figure by 90, you get 16,667 per social media account. Not much alone, but a lot altogether.

Example 6 – You say there is “ZERO evidence”, which suggests that it’s merely a list scraped off the internet. I’m happy to provide evidence, but keep in mind that with downstream distribution partners – everyone gets to decide what they post/republish. As far as evidence is concerned though, I can certainly provide a list of links of where content is published, but not everyone “pings” with a link, so it is incomplete. I’m sure that shoots up a red flag for me to say this, but that’s the case with everyone in news dissemination including the 900-lb gorilla PRNewswire/Cision. As an example, though, the biggest site we have that doesn’t ping is MarketWatch (in fact, no one provides pingbacks in the Comtex distribution network incorporated with NNW editorial syndication). Please see comment we posted for johnwhitestar that includes an annotated screenshot as an example of a real/verifiable placement on a tier-one site for more details (I would recommend seeing the whole post, but here’s the link to the screenshot: Also, it’s worth mentioning upfront that most of the sites have very little traffic and are local in focus. But, that is to be expected with a big number like 5000, and at the $500 NNW is currently pricing services at, it’s only 10 cents a site overall (not to mention the included IBN distribution). I think, perhaps, expectations here need to be managed better. However, it does include other sites like MarketWatch,, StreetInsider, etc. They represent a major reason why 40 client partners of NNW are paying thousands per month (full list:

Example 7 – I was extremely surprised to read you call MeltWater “scammy and spammy”… Why? They charge $6k a year for the outreach component alone, have lots of case studies ( and 2000+ employees that linked them as an employer on LinkedIn – and this is just to start. As far as 24-7 Press Release, they have been around for a long time (14 years) and I’ve seen the sample placements we can expect with the Integrated Media PRO package (which I’d be happy to send to you). But, keep in mind that they are a heavily discounted service compared to wire-grade options like GlobeNewswire and PRNewswire (which have prices starting at $960 for only 600 words with U.S. national distribution), so you shouldn’t expect placement on Yahoo! Finance and other tier-one sites with a discount service like 24-7 Press Release – although I’d love to help Terracoin engage premiere options in the future if/when a budget is approved for it. Also, I’d like to note (since I didn’t in the proposal) that we are also writing the PRs for free… among all the other things mentioned.

Now for the “umbrage” part:

1. You indicate that this isn’t legit at all, but hopefully the responses above change your mind about our proposal being misleading.

2. Yes, that is the reason we increased the amount but that is not an accurate quote. The whole statement has a very negative spin. We simply didn’t want to take away from anyone else who also has a great idea because the resources are quite small. But the fact that a majority of the last superblock is now gone without ever being used is a very good reason to increase the scope of our proposal so that doesn’t happen again. Also, keep in mind the discovery was posted before the flipbook came out and our expertise/knowledge wasn’t proven, so our stated intentions were to put the bigger 2nd proposal through for this superblock after showing proof (I have the saved text if needed because I redid it when converting into a “proposal” – perhaps I can have help from someone to restore the prior version, but in the meantime I can send it to anyone who requests it).

3. Yes, time will tell. I have nothing to add here since I would just be adding additional statements requiring time to prove.

Now the next part of numbered statements:

1. The flipbook was not designed with a template and is fully custom using the limited graphics we could find to bring it to life. I’m happy to post the many other interactive documents created by the team responsible for both NNW Investor Relations Kits and the BRBN Flipbooks to prove this point. The only thing that is similar is the front and back cover (so people know the same people designed each one). Feel free to share any doubts.

2. Thanks for the small compliment.

3. I didn’t realize we need to provide constant things for the foundation to tweet about all by ourselves… or indicated that we are doing that.

4. I can share a list of more than “just a few news sites actually reposting the suggested press release”. Anyone at any time can approach us on or on MatterMost using XTR750 username for this list.

5. Yes, I would provide the video to ClockUniverse, but we also planned to post to ours.

As far as Yuval and Neblio. He said the results didn’t impress him. Well, we had 300+ clicks off the U.S. national press release with Globe Newswire along with 817 direct traffic views (Note: this only counts Globe Newswire properties – none of the many downstream partners that republished the news), which is the main thing we did. These are the best results we’ve seen, and I’m still surprised they aren’t impressed with them to this day. But, for Neblio to get better results in terms of journalist coverage and other metrics, they have to stay consistent with the news and not just do a “test” (as with direct mail marketing, radio, tv, etc.).

I’m glad you believe in our sincerity in wanting to see Terracoin success and do well. Plus, I appreciate that you deem the mannerisms and communication as professional and personally value the “go-getter attitude”. But as far as the money-grab comment, I want to address that directly. If that was the actual motivator, wouldn’t we go to Dash or one of the other cryptos with far larger “treasuries”? This proposal is valued at $1,377.60 as of right now (please compare this figure to we’re used to at NNW every day – I believe this is the biggest indicator of real heart here… it doesn’t even remotely make sense that this would be a cash grab; especially with the extra time spent to provide a thorough response). Plus, keep in mind multiple things are being provide at no cost and roughly 10% is going to get donated to the foundation.

In conclusion, I am impressed with all the questions. Very few people ever do proper due diligence, which is why so many can get away with winning proposal acceptance with all kinds of businesses/organizations/communities using smoke and mirrors. I hope this response helps in that regard.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thanks for the increased clarity. I also appreciate you taking the time to write a thorough response.

IBN’s branded network is deceptive (imo) in the fact that all these brands are IBN’s. The impression given is these are brands that work with IBN, not created and ran by IBN. It’s the same case with BRBN. They all have slightly different spins but are pushing the exact same content. Using the various brands to attract different personalities does make sense, but it seems to me that if the content was that in demand, a single, credible brand would be the honest way to go. Maybe I’m old-fashioned.

I guess at the end of the day, this is “how the sausage” is made; build a bunch of different brands and spread the net as wide as possible. And if you’re telling me that every social media account that follows all these brands is legitimate, then hats off to you (and to MeltWater and 24-7 Press Release for that matter). I was indeed using engagement as the only means of measurement, so I apologize for not doing deeper due diligence through a twitter audit, it just strikes me as hard to believe. Also in reference to the not linking the other brands on the BRBN page because it would hurt SEO, I have never heard of that and believe the opposite is true. Can you understand that it leaves the impression that they are not linked because BRBR doesn’t actually work with those companies? For all anyone knows it’s just more pop-up shops built to give the impression that there’s all this amazing interconnected syndication happening when it’s really just a few guys making a bunch of different sites and logos.

You say that you increased the scope of your proposal which is why you increased the amount being requested. What are the items on the new scope that are not on the last scope? I know there was a statement in the 1st proposal to increase the amount on the following proposal but it went from 2500 (if I’m not mistaken) to 10,660. That’s not just a *little bit* of an increase.

People think that if the funds aren’t being used, they are in fact being wasted. I couldn’t disagree with this more as they are not being created, but will be at a later date. Many of us are invested in TRC at much high price points and understand the value that each TRC has had in the past and will have in the future. Throwing around a bunch of TRC because the price point is low at the moment does nothing (IMO) for increasing the overall value of TRC and in fact directly harms it. TRC shouldn’t be construed as “free” simply because the opportunity to receive it costs only the willingness to request more of it. At least that’s how I see it, and is the reason I haven’t personally put in a proposal yet; because I value the future of Terracoin, and to just throw in a proposal here and there that won’t actually have an impact doesn't sit well with me. Encouraging projects that will make a difference, has to my understanding, been the philosophy behind requesting the funds in the first place.

I am encouraged however that you are planning to stick around. There’s too much garbage in this space, and people/ companies claiming to help out only to profit with zero results, and then simply move on to the next project, is very common. The fact that BRBR’s entire model is to go from project to project to project makes me skeptical that we will in fact see you around after your proposal is paid, and your campaign does its thing. I will take you at your word however until proven otherwise. To your point, no reason to speak about that right now.

There are a few smaller things in your response that I could press on, but given this response and how thorough it is, I am going to take you at your word. As long as you can justify your increased asked for amount in the 2nd proposal being based on an increased scope of work, I’ll resign my NO position, as well as my feeling of being misled now that you’ve clarified some things for me. My inclination (for whatever that’s worth to you) at this point is to abstain because I do feel the NNW, IBN and BRBN models aren’t transparent in the least. I would have much preferred to discuss these points with you out of the public eye, but votes were already rolling in and my fear was that this thing would pass before bringing my concerns to light after peeling back the layers, should they end up not being credible and confirm my initial suspicion.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my concerns. I hope there is no ill-will and also that this proposal, should it pass, do what it claims to do, and help Terracoin gain traction.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Sure thing. Thanks for taking the time to read through it all.

I can understand why you feel each of the brands seem independent since they have their own identities, but neither IBN or BRBN intend to be deceptive with the multi-brand approach (which is demonstrated by putting all the brands together in a couple different places and providing accessible links to the umbrella sites).

Yes, no problem. The discovery said, “We would request *750 Terracoin* for the current superblock and then *later* request *2,500 Terracoin* for its distribution with NetworkNewsWire and the 30 brands in the next one. This way you can verify before the distribution that we truly understand what makes Terracoin special and will experience first-hand our approach to reach individuals using mediums outside the crypto border.” Of course, when we saw the majority of the last superblock was still available, we expanded even further to include the video interview, recap article of the interview, journalist outreach and extra press release. Also, keep in mind TRC amounts have been adjusted for a market price of $0.15 (instead of $0.20). And, just to clarify, (in case a reader thinks you were quoting with the asterisks) we didn’t say a “little bit” of an increase.

Although your point about TRC’s current market price and how it relates to creation of more TRC per approved proposal is well understood, I’ve personally learned over time to focus more on taking action than finding good reasons to wait. I’m naturally analytical and cautious myself, but my experience building a nationwide commercial roofing group with a business partner who figuratively jumped out of planes and then built the parachute on the way down taught me that greater success often achieved by moving forward even when things aren’t perfect yet (although it’s fair to say my hesitancy also had value many times). What I’m trying to say is that I would definitely encourage you to start on the proposal you have in mind (or at least start moving forward with your own funds for now and ask for reimbursement at a time that feels right to you).

Thank you for resigning your no position. I hoped my response would change your mind… but it’s often hard for people to change their first impression. There is no ill-will at all and I look forward to seeing how we can both help Terracoin in our own ways.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Not sure why this didn't go but want to make sure it's included. Correction point 4. "4) The chances of a few news sites actually reposting the suggested Press Release that is going out, as was the case here Odds of being read in my opinion, low."
0 points, ~2 years ago
Hi all. I have serious concerns about this proposal and be writing a more extensive response later this evening. I hope that people hold off from voting until they read what I have to say. Thanks!
0 points, ~2 years ago
Hi Schandy,
as you can see I've changed my opinion about this Proposal since it was Discovery.
For what is may worth I'd like to explain why.
After I posted my comment on Discovery I had a private conversations with the owner of this Proposal and with clock.
I'm not going not write what I was told by them because they may not want me to, but I'll illustrate my conclusions.
At the moment TRC has no advertising exposure. I feel like a very modest advertising exposure may cause TRC to have a constant price growth.
Many of coins/tokens that are ahead of TRC on coinmarketcap do have much bigger quantities of "circulating" supply so their market cap is more impressive, but it's more difficult to promote them.
That means that TRC may become a winning ticket for BlockchainRelations and in that case BlockchainRelations will become a winning ticket for TRC.
Of course BlockchainRelations will use the experience with TRC to expand their business on the other coins, but I guess that the secret of the crypto promotion is to tailor a personal marketing strategy or at least set of ideas for each coin, if not it's always the same boring stuff nobody reads anymore.
I think that it's a good thing that BlockchainRelations has broaden their proposal because what they were offering in Discovery was very limited.
Now we can see and evaluate very clearly what is their potential soon after they'll begin to act.
I'm also seeing that clock has expressed quite clearly his sustain for this proposal, which means that he has weighted all the pros and cons, considering also reputation implications for him and even more for TRC.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thank you for your proposal.
I think you took right decision to broaden it.
I'm voting "yes" for it soon after the next superblock (as it's not possible to vote right now)
0 points, ~2 years ago
Much appreciated, John!
0 points, ~2 years ago
To see prior discussion, view the discovery posted earlier: