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Owner: johnwhitestar
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One-time payment: 8259.70098732 TRC (332.68 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-04-16 / 2018-05-18 (added on 2018-04-21)
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I began to work on around January 6, 2018.

The original idea was to find the path to promote TRC as we had no marketing tool or strategy at that moment.

The main tool I was using to work for this project was, because in my experience that site has more people then the concurrence from so called developing countries and as the idea of TRC Community is to help the world I thought that it would be a good idea to privilege the freelancers from the poorest countries of the world.

In the beginning I had no idea what direction should the TRC promotion take, so on January 6, 2018 I published the following project on freelancers:

No worker was awarded for this project, but I've got many interesting inputs from the prospective workers.

The main point that came out was that people was responding powerfully to the main concept of TRC, i.e. the idea to help the world.

As result of this first step I decided to cooperate with a girl from Egypt, that has demonstrated to me her impressive abilities as sales copywriter, so even if the goal was to work on the countries with the lowest HDI index ( her idea that in her country there are many people that needs help as well and her vivid interest for the whole concept of TRC has convinced me to try.

So I've created for her the following project on freelancers:
The idea was to create a facebook page about TRC in Arabic and to promote it using the facebook ads.
The page was created and published, but probably due to the complexity of the concepts I was trying to explain to her and because of my poor understanding of facebook we decided to give up working on this project.
And the Arabic page was eventually cancelled by her.
The cost of this experience was 24,16€ for me:
1) 11,26€ was paid for the first part of the project to freelancer,
2) 2,90€ was a fee,
3) 10,00€ was a cost of paysafecard (see I bought to pay for the ads on facebook, but facebook do not accept paysafecards any more and I don't have any idea where I can use that paysafecard (so if you think you can use it please make an offer, I'll sell it to you and will cut this cost from my next expenses recovery request here).

Even if the previous experience was not that successful thanks to all the effort dedicated to explain the basic concepts of TRC to the people who don't have any idea about cryptocurrencies, but are willing to understand, I went up with something more similar to the idea of the award. So on January 16, 2018 I published the following job on
There was no interesting exchange with the potential applicants and nobody was awarded to do the job.
But as result of this experience I went nearer to understand that without a site with all the concepts explained it would be very hard to find someone interested and would take lot of time trying to explain things each time.

Still on January 18, 2018 I decided to make an attempt and to call one of my relatives that has a charity and is doing a very interesting work.
The calls costed to me 15€, but there was no interesting results.
The main problem with all the people I spoked to at that moment was that they were associating the idea of "TRC that is helping the world" with the idea of "TRC that is helping them personally" and this kind of switch was occurring even in the heads of relatively rich people.
In fact the relative I spoke with offered us to finance a team of water polo in which her child was training. When I asked her what would it have to do with the helping the world she answered me that we would be helping the world because we would be helping children, but we were not even speaking about poor children or families though.
So it become obvious to me that without criteria anybody could've asked for help, as we are all part of the world.

Thanks to all the above experiences I decided to create a site. So on January 20, 2018 I registered the site
It costed to me 5,83€.

On January 24, 2018 I published a post on bitcointalk announcing the TRC helps the world award.
And until February 19, 2018 I worked on the site's setup.

Then I hired a freelancer to proofread it (, which costed me 29,44€.
And it was a good idea because I'm not a native English speaker, so a lot of errors were corrected, but probably there are still some, so I'll make it proofread again in the future.

Upon suggestion of one of prospective freelancers, that was planning to help us finding contacts in Haiti, and because a great part of the poorest countries are French speaking I decided to translate the site into French as well.

So I published this job on freelancers: and awarded a freelancer.
On February 23, 2018 the translation was ready and I paid for it 46,27€ (21,75€+21,68€ to the worker and 2,84€ fee to

While I was waiting for the guy from Haiti to act as we agreed, which till the present moment he did not and probably he won't, I decided to begin promoting the site amoung the charities of the poorest countries of the world.

The country with the lowest HDI in the list I have ( was CAR.
So I published a post on bitcointalk ( and on (

No freelancer was awarded by me for the job, but I've got in contact with a freelancer from Cameroon that was very much interested in the project and has given me many precious advises. The main issue with the site from her point of view was that the French "translation" of the site was practically google translated, so some of the periods were not making any sense in French from her point of view.

That's why I decided to create another job on freelancers in order to check the French translation with another freelancer. So I published the following job on
A translator with a very good feedbacks and apparently very much motivated to help was awarded by me.
And on March 2, 2018 I paid 2,85€ fee to and 26,13€ to the translator (2,85+26,13=28,98€).

Unfortunately the translator was not able to accomplish his job because from his point of view one of the phrases I put in English was impossible to translate.

So I hired another translator to find the acceptable solution for the phrases the previous freelancer was not able to translate and to check the other 2 phrases I was not too much satisfied with ( The cost of the required adjustments was 13,15+2,84+13,15=29,14€.

The above experiences was useful for me to understand that it's possible to find bargain prices online but the kind of job the freelancers that are offering those rates are available to do is acceptable only if the customer doesn't care too much about the quality of the message those translated texts will deliver, which is not our case, because not only we are doing something very innovative, but also we are trying to do things in the field in which much delicacy is required.

On March 4, 2018 I received a communication from an important African personality interested to cooperate with our award. Given the situation with translators I needed someone serious to make at least some adjustments of the site and to write a good letter in French, so I decided to begin a cooperation with the above mentioned freelancer from Cameroon offering her to become my virtual assistant for 10$/h (
The rate is not that high, considering the quality I'm being provided, but the freelancer receives even less after all the fees of the are withdrawn.
Consider also how important is it for our project to have a person in place that is able to explain us things, and I assure you there are many to understand.

In order to have at least a decent shape in the French version of our site we decided to check the more critical points before we'd answer to the above letter. It requested many hours of work, because not only the freelancer that was cooperating with me needed to learn all the completely new concepts about TRC, but I needed to understand things about how people use to think in Africa as well, I also needed to check concepts put in French, the language I'm only superficially acquainted with and finally we needed time to merge all the above elements into something that could have sense for our potential African partners. After we put the French version of the site into an acceptable shape we began to work on the letter to write. All this work required us 5 days of intense work (25 hours of freelancer's work), so I spent 220,50€.

Along with the work on the main site I began to work on the additional tool that I think will be useful for us in the future, the site The concept is not new, for instance it's very similar to the ideas expressed here: So instead of directly financing the charities projects, in order to reduce the risks of being scammed, we can finance the charity concerts. The main difference from the traditional model however would be the fact that instead of being the concerts the mean of advertising of some external sponsor we'll use them to advertise the currency of help, TRC, so in the long run, the charities, the artistes and the people helped will be much more interested in the TRC's success. I'm setting up the site and am distilling the ideas at the moment, so there are no costs eccept the registration of two domains: and (for the non native English speakers it's more natural to make the error and to go looking for the later site). The cost of registration of both sites for me was 14,12€, the date I registred them is March 9, 2018.

On March 19, 2018 we received the answer of the above mentioned African personality and we needed to work on the answer. Because the concepts we have to explain are quite complex and in order to simplify them as much as possible we decided to create a form for our potential partners to compile, to make them understand how the initial phase of our cooperation would work. It took us 10 days of work (15 hours of work of the freelancer) to create the form and to formulate an answer. So I spent 132,27€.

From the begining of April, while waiting a possible answer from our potential partners for CAR we decided to move forward our project and in order to not disturb the contact we've already created in its possible action in place, we decided to begin working on the next country of the list, Niger.

While it was very difficult for us to find contacts in CAR, the quantity of possible partners (charities) in Niger was overwhelming. So we needed to work on selecting the best ones among the dozens of the NGOs we've found there (it required 20 hours of work of the freelancer and still we were not able to analyse all the organizations that was possible to find googling). We also decided to dedicate some time to improve the French version of the front page of the site, expecting the possible parters to go first of all there to check what we are speaking about (we'll be going on with proofreading of the other pages of the site in the next sessions). We've also formulated the opening letter for the charities. The whole work required 30 hours of work of the freelancer, which costed me 266,02€.

On April 10, 2018, as announced on mattermost we've sent our opening letters to the first possible partners of the list. The effects were quite discouraging. None of them has visited the site and we got no answers.

So after one week of waiting and many considerations (15,4 hours of freelancer's work - this includes also the discussion of other possible projects to add to this one) we decided to call them. In order to protect the privacy of the freelancer and in the same time not too have a scamy appearance we bought a local private number, that let the receiver to be sure that there is a real person behind, without getting his personal data. We also bought the necessary credit (the calls in Africa are quite expensive). So we spent 106$ for the phone number, privacy option, credit + I paid 154$ for the freelancers work + 15$ of fee necessary to let the freelancer receiving the exact sum for the phone number, privacy option and call credit. My final payment was 275€.

The final count of my expenses for this project right now is € 1.055,31.

Please note that I'm not asking the hosting expenses of the site(s), as I've already paid them for my other projects.
I'm also not billing anything for the site setup and more generally speaking for my working time, which would something around 335 hours, i.e. at least 10 time more than the above mentioned expenses, if I calculate it at the rates I was asking to my clients last time I was working as a freelance myself.

Please consider that I'm asking funds for the work that is already done, documented and verifiable, which is different than asking funds in advance for something to do.

So I'm expecting to receive the Community support for this proposal. In case I'll not receive it I'll go on with this project until January 25, 2019 to see whether it's the right path, and will go on fund the project with my personal earnings, but I'll need to slow down the whole thing, because my personal earnings are not enough.

Of course every critics, suggestion or offers of factual help are very much welcome.

The sum I'm asking here in TRC is calculated on base of the price of TRC (0,127921€) that was visible on at the moment I was publishing this proposal.
€ 1055.31/0.127921=8249.70098732 TRC + 10 TRC fee for this proposal= 8259.70098732 TRC

The documentation confirming the above described payments done by me on is available using the following links:

(I canceled some of my personal data and the nicknames of the freelancers in order this proposal to be unrelated to the actions of the third persons)

To verify the domain registration costs please consult: and check the USD/EUR rate at the date of registration.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points, ~2 years ago
Because this is the very starting for Terracoin marketing, I'll vote for yes. Next time, if there's no positive result or not economical, I'll vote for no.
Next time, please go through standard route of request for funding of projects, which is first put in discoveries to receive feedback and conclude if it's feasible and supported by the community. Then go for creating the proposal for fund.
Even you're a senior member of terracoin community, there should be no exception.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thank you very much for your support and your votes.
I published my Discovery here: and you even discussed it with me telling you'd vote yes, AFAIU.
By the way this proposal is so long because I considered your request for the maximum transparency possible.
I think that at the moment I'm the only one among those who asked for funds to present the question on Discoveries before publishing it as Proposal.
I consider no answers and no objections to my Discovery as a yes sign it's also 3 month I'm speaking about my project on mattermost and no one has made any objection to it, I only always received appreciations from the community members so it's time for me to understand whether the community thinks I'm doing something useful or not.
I understand that we are living in the Wow-epoch, so everybody is expecting the projects that would produce great results straight away, and in this sense I don't have results at the moment.
Still I consider that the concepts that I've elaborated and published give us a great advantage over all the other coins. Because now every member of the community can speak to a target audience I'm working on (charities) without effort about TRC. For those who have ever tried to explain the cryptocurrencies to someone who is completely unaware of it, it should be quite clear the use of the tool I've created with my site.
Of course if everybody just sits waiting that the others will do the whole work, waiting for tangible results only the increase of TRC price will be considered a result. But to make a jump all the preparatory work is very much needed.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Is it possible that you could provide the followup plan for the project? What if you expense got refund, will you continue this path?
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thank you very much for your question and for the interest.

My plan is to go on with this project at least until January 25, 2019, because this project is quite innovational so we need some time to test its ideas.
After that date I'll either halt working on the project, in case there are no appreciable results and/or no community support, or extend that time span setting the new goals for it, if needed.
Right now we are working on the most efficient way to get in touch with the local charities.
The problem is that internet is not that much used there (there is 1 computer for each 1000 persons in CAR for instance), so the contacts we are able to find online are not updated.
That's why we are looking for the contacts using the personal connections and private databases.
I haven't put that information in my proposal because there is no cost connected to recover at the moment, as I haven't yet paid that part of work, but we are already in touch with one of the two charities in Niger I spoke about in my proposal and we are trying to send them our e-mail in order they to be able to see it, which sounds strange of course, but it seems like there are a lot of connections issues there so even to send an e-mail is not that easy.
We are also considering to begin with sending them our opening letters using the physical mail.
The second issue we have to consider is that people are very much afraid of being scammed there, because, perhaps as a result of poverty, there are many scam schemes being tested there. And even if for everybody who has to do with TRC it's pretty clear that there are no scam intentions in our deeds, we need to demonstrate it there, because people do not know who we are, so we are working on the ways to overcome the natural suspicion of the potential partners.
So by now the goal is to find at least one partner in place apt to work on this project with us.
Formally is an award, so the charities are supposed to realise their projects in agreement to our criteria and to post them to be awarded by us, but I think it would be naive to expect the local charities of the poorest countries of the world to realise their projects without asking us for funds.
Those charities who'll dedicate enough time and effort to read our site (i.e. really interested to understand) we'll see that we are offering the possibility to receive funds submitting their projects as proposals to dGov.
So I expect them to make requests for funds.
But how am I going to convince the dGov to release funds?
Let's say upfront that in my opinion providing help is the very substance of advertising, but I'm not expecting the dGov to adhere promptly to this idea.
So in order to receive funds I'll offer to our possible local partners to organize an event in place, sponsored by dGov (i.e. Terracoin) to gather funds from the local donors for local charity's project.
In this way we'll have a better guaranty that the funds will be used for helping who is in need, because the local donors do know much better then us whether the charity that is gathering funds is the serious one, whether the funds asked are not redundant compared to what is to be funded. The local donors may be also able to check whether the help is really needed where the funds are asked.
The dGov by other hand will be funding the artiste that will perform locally and that may be interested to receive funds directly in TRC without exchanging them into fiat.
By the way I have at least one successful artiste that is interested to be paid in TRC for his performances and to perform all around the world and another that is already performing in Africa, but I'd like to wait till we have a local partner there to see whether they'd rather suggest us a local artiste they know.
Or on the opposite I may be able to find the local artistes that would like to be sponsored by Terracoin so they'll help us to find the right local partners (that's why I'm working on right now as well).
But why do I think that the dGov will be interested to fund the event?
The event (a concert for instance), may have as a title "Terracoin Helps the world" or "Terracoin Helps Africa" or "Terracoin Helps [the name of the country]" or "Terracoin Helps [the issue we'll be solving with that concert]" or, in case the local charity will not be ready to help us advertising TRC in such an open way, Terracoin will be in any case among the sponsors of the event. When I'm speaking about the sponsorship of the event by Terracoin I also consider that there will be advertising expenses included which will give us the possibility to speak about TRC in place.
But it's not all.
I'm also thinking to create a financial tool based on TRC, that I call "TRC donation certificates" or "TRC donation checks" that will be a kind of cashback to the local donors.
As much as they will donate as much of "TRC donation certificates" they'll receive.
Those donation certificate will create a new market for TRC and I expect them to contribute to the growth of the TRC price as the alcoins are contributing to the growth of BTC price or tokens are contributing to the growth of ETH price and so on.
Because they will be based on TRC they'll be more rare than TRC, so soon after receiving them the local donor will have more fiat value in his hands than he has donated.
So he may become interested to donate more, asking the local charity to organize more events (because those donation certificates will be released only to cashback the local donor of the "TRC helps the world" events).
I guess that this tool will not be too much understood by the local donors at the beginning, but those who'll be able to understand and keep them will have great advantages, as it often happens to the early adopters in the cryptouniverse.
But the donation certificates will be also a very useful tool to the people that are living far away from the those poor countries I'm speaking about.
I think that there are many many people that would like to donate, but they want to do so directly. The TRC donation certificates will be a tool for them. Because buying the donation certificate they'll be much more assured than while donating to their local charity that their money were used to help people. In this way TRC donation certificate will become a kind of IOY of help.
This idea is awaiting for the interested developer, possibly from our Community.
Maybe one day the dGov will understand my idea about help the best advertising ever, so we won't need "TRC donation certificates" nor events, we'll be helping directly, building roads, aqueducts, hospitals, schools and so on, but for the moment we need to advertise TRC as a currency of help and my project is the research of the path in that direction.

I don't know whether this ideas will be possible to implement so many things may need to be changed once we'll be meeting the reality, so I can't be sure we'll do exactly what is written here, but it's at least a plan.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Currently, it's very initiative and you're just pioneer for such project. When TRC can reach higher price, maybe we can attract more people to do such social jobs with their spare time.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Yes I understand your goal and your efforts. I think this is right target but it will require more efforts and contribution, which means you should bear some loss of money. ;-)