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Title: Russian and Lithuanian translation of the Terracoin website. (15K TRC)
Owner: Salvarth
Created: 2019-05-23
Proposal link: Translation


First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Arthur (aka Salvarth) and I've been involved in Cryptocurrency for about a little more than two years.
I've been watching Terracoin since around mid 2017 and because I became more and more interested, I started getting involved mid 2018.
I'm from the Netherlands and the first thing I did for Terracoin was translate the website to Dutch and have been the European Liasion of Terracoin since late October 2018.

 I would like to bring Terracoin to the attention of more people...
Which is one of the reasons why this discovery was created. The translation of the website has already begun. It will be translated in:-


I have already paid this person in fiat to do so, and the translation should be finished by the end of the month. I paid €100 to have the website translated in both languages and promised another €50 if both websites are translated by the end of May. (when I wrote down the deadline I forgot how cumbersome Github can be for someone that's never used it before)

I would like to make a proposal to cover a little bit of the expenses . The person who translates the website is interested in Cryptocurrency and mainly Terracoin because of what it stands for.  She is from Lithuania, but has learned Russian as well

I am asking for 15K TRC, of which I will donate 5K to the TRCf and pay the translator 2.5K TRC for her efforts (translating terms and conditions are a pain, I've done it)

To do this, I could do one of two things:

  1. Create one proposal for 15K TRCf and if it passes, I'll transfer 5K to the TRCf.
  2. Create two proposals, one for 10k TRC to a TRC address that belongs to me, and another for 5K TRC to an address that belongs to the TRCf*. 

In this discovery I would like to know whether I should go with option 1 or 2.

 If all goes well, then the new translations should be live on the website as soon as they are approved by the team. I have a meeting with the translator today and I will post updates.

I believe Cryptocurrency should be available to anyone in the world, and language shouldn't be a barrier. I understand that Google translate has come a long way, but it's nowhere near perfect, which is why I decided to pay someone to translate the website  (out of my own pocket).

Hope the community would like this discovery to be turned into a proposal/proposals. I will check regularly for updates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this discovery,


*with this methode I can send the 2.5K TRC to the address of her choosing later. The translator has only recently begun to learn about Cryptocurrencies.

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0 points, ~9 months ago
Err, why ask for 15k when you're only planning to disburse 7k5?

Option 2 sounds like the better approach to me. And only if the maths improves. At current CMC TRC/BTC rate 150euros (about $167) is about 5000TRC.
0 points, ~8 months ago
Thank you for your feedback. I feel like it couldn't hurt to gift some TRC to the TRCf. Also, I think with current marketprices TRC/BTC, 5K is not going to be $150.

I do not plan on selling the coins, it's more as a reimbursement for the 150 Euros. I also have to help with adding the languages to github so that the translations can be put on the website. When I translated the Dutch website that was a bit of work as well and I don't mind doing it.

There haven't really been proposals for months and prior to the creation of this discovery I had a talk with clockuniverse about the idea and since there are no other proposals this month it would actually be possible to put 15K TRC to good use. 2.5K for the translator, 5K for the TRCf and 7.5k for the 150 Euros + time spent on Github.

I hope I can turn this discovery into a proposal before next Thursday and that the translations are on Github before next Saturday. There was a little delay because the translator had a wedding to attend to and there was no internet access there.