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Title: Donation to Star School, Bangladesh
Owner: TRC_Helps_The_World
Created: 2019-02-01
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As many may know in the period from September to November 2018 has worked on the advertising campaing on Facebook for the Star School (Bangladesh).

Read here about the Star School: and here about the idea of the advertising campaign:

We tried to advertise their Amazon whishlist ( in order to find the donors for the items they'd need for their educational process, but were very unlucky or delivered with bad clicks so no possible donor got slightly interested to help them.

However we collected something like 14908 impressions on Facebook which basically means that 14908 potential donors from USA was watching Facebook while the add with the word Terracoin in bold was displaying on the page they were on.

We also received 27 visits from Bangladesh on our site as the owner of the school has published a post about the article we published about her school.

As you can see by yourself we've got not so much apreciable results so we need to take over all the risks and expenses of this action without asking dGov for funding.

But because the owner of the school was very kind with us publishing a post with the TRC logo on her Facebook (she is a great fun of TRC by the way) and because we have a list of items those children would need to improve their educational enviroment and as the cost of the items they'd need to receive is only 167,5$ we are asking our Community whether there is someone or a group of people that would like to donate those items to the school.

If someone is willing to donate will immediatly cover the shipping expenses of the donor and later on we'll help the Star School to cover the possible customs duties in their country.

Once the donation has reached the school we expect the Star School owner to publish the photographs and the videos about unpackaging.

And if we'll get this result will ask dGov to cover the shipping and customs expenses to show that TRC can be used as the meta-donor, an entity interested and able to support direct donations.

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