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Title: Using TRC for direct donation to autistic children in one of the poorest countries of the world.
Owner: johnwhitestar
Created: 2018-09-30
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These days a friend of mine who has children told me he'd like to donate children's clothes.
We called one of the charities advertised on and asked whether they'd be interested to receive the gift.
Their reaction was enthusiastic. So we are about to ship them the package.

I'd like TRC to be involved and my friend, the actual donor, is comfortable with it because I will cover the shipping expenses. So while at the moment this project is my private initiative, I can manage it on behalf of TRC Community and, once the package arrives to the charity, make a Proposal providing concrete results.

If dGov will approve this project TRC will become the catalyst of help.

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Thumbs up from me
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Thank you very much for your support!
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Nice one - I Actually like Theese small and simple stories - What is the TRC budget? And Will We get a picture and a small story to go along with it ?? :)
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The shipping prices may vary quite a lot as I can see. For instance it seems like Fedex would ask something like 350€ or more for the package, while the former Italian states post company has a 50€ and 70€ offers. Of course the trackable service would be preferable.
I'm going to make the in-depth analysis of the offers this week.
The unknown part is whether there will be the local custom duties to pay (we'd like the donation to be completely free for the charity) and how much time of my local French speaking assistant will I need to pay to settle all the possible questions that may occur.
I can calculate the expenses I've already sustained so far, but it wouldn't be enough to estimate the final cost. So I prefer to make my Proposal once I have concluded the whole cycle.

We've agreed with the charity that they will publish a kind of relation for our donor about how much useful was his donation and I'm expecting them to say a kind of "Thank you" to TRC Community on their Facebook page as well.
I'm very curious to see what level of transparency we'll be able to reach this time. There are of course cultural differences so I'm not expecting everything to go exactly as desired.
The known issue for me is the fact that the parents are not that happy to have the photo of their children published anywhere, also because of a traditionally very heavy judgement of the local society towards any kind of disability or sign of disease.

For all the above reasons I'd like to see the results of this action and then possibly asking dGov to fund this project.