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Title: window of opportunity closes (or opens?)
Owner: revoor
Created: 2018-09-21
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Hello guys,

As You all know crypto is very dynamic industry where things go massive - drops to 0 happens next to huge  1000% gains or more. I believe that there is room for coins that are well adopted, technologically innovative, easy to use and presenting sustainable growth.

Reason for this discovery is to talk about Terracoin in case of passing trough closing (imho) window of opportunity to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency out there.

I hope We all are here to achive absolute top in marketcap and BY THAT help the world in most valuable way (really changing the world to a better place) . It will be definitely harder over time as opponents don't sleep and  have bigger leverage then us (engaged and bigger communities, budget, leaders, widely possibilities and they HELP needy as well even way more)

It looks like team is doing good work in case of tech, but imho we have to develop a game changer / innovative solution - this is whats devide coins into good alts and shitcoins. It should be correlated with our mission to helping the world. 

My reason to invest in this project is vision and faith in bussiness model based on altruistic need to help those in need might be profitable and long term sustainable probably for the first time in human history.

In short words you can invest and USE currency which really change the world and profit from it.

Way to it looks long and bumpy, especcially referring to closing window of opportunity for it to happen. 

Maybe You think different and there is no need to rush with stuff or You have some ideas / visions worth to share? I hope to find some interesting points of view that could reveal a chance for valuable proposal. So don't hesistate to put Your 2 cents in comments what are You doing here and what are Your expectations/dreams/plans. Enjoy!

PS. Sorry for mistakes (no native), You can point them out as well, I'll  fix them.

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0 points, ~1 year ago
Hi Revoor,
thank you very much for your discovery. I think it's an important topic we need to take into consideration.
I think that our Community is quite young and TRCF is also in the beginning, at least in context of dGov. So many things need to be discussed and tested.
I think there are two aspects for TRC development:
The software development and the concept development.
Both require time.
I feel we are on the good path with software development at least we can't do things quicker, given the conditions, than what we are doing right now.
It seems like we haven't done much as concept development at the moment and we need to work on it because should we elaborate a breakthrough concept we would be able to overcome many limitations we are facing at the moment.
So I warmly invite all the members of Community to provide their contribution to the creation of TRC concept.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Thanks for first reply!
Yeap I think we already confirmed with TheSin on Telegram that there are limited resources in developing which can be our main bottleneck.
He with six do their best and are much more efficient than guys from dash, pivx but still it's just 2 guys part time - i know it's going to change in future but compared to competitors it looks quite weak. I hope that some hidden dev will reveal himself from community soon.

Thing with exchanges. To get to binance, bittrex, polo, finex coin needs to be exceptional. As far as I know we have just 1 feature that is on good way to that and is unique (don't remeber exactly but it was touched on latest or first meetup I believe). Before we get listed there is necessity to be found out by crypto community members who looks bitterly for something totally breakthrough. So basically this thing is crucial to exist in crypto - even with that coins go underwater if there are no real use cases for it.

Latest idea in case of adoption 'spied' from dash is service similar to which can attract people from countries like venezuela etc.. if u can /faucet /gamble some some 'our satoshis', maybe to get these u need to get wallet? that might be good.

Do we have any community member from venezuela? Maybe he could be our gateway to people in need there? And by that popularize terracoin there? If not we can try to connact some people from NANO/DASH communities and propose them cooperation?

It's really closing window to get to these hiperinflated countries, students there, masses. Opponents do well with that, We need to do our best there as well.

Crisis can happen to developed countires as well at least expected. In that case people will move to already well adopted, known, checked, confirmed, established (crypto)curriencies.
0 points, ~1 year ago
I'm sorry to say, but I'm probably the only one here who thinks crypto isn't a currency and will never be.
For a simple reason: if it was less precious than fiat it wouldn't make sense inventing it, while if it's more precious people will tend to keep it and pay with fiat till it will be possible.
So for me the apprehension for crypto adoption conflicts with the above consideration.
Having said that I'm mainly working on concept of TRC as a financial tool to help the world, as you probably know. And probably as every specialized person I think that what I'm doing is the most important part of the whole.
I can contribute with my vision in that field and the discoveries I made during my research. Some of the them are shared in Discoveries here, some were published in mattermost.
To make the long story short I can say that for me TRC has a real possibility to make a breakthrough in humanitarian field and that alone would be more than enough to make its price fly.
0 points, ~1 year ago
so i believe that if we won't be solid enough (TOP) when 'concept of help' works well good, sustainable etc. then simply competitors take this concept and implement it. After that it won't make much sense to use separete cryptocurrency like this. I wouldn't.

I as a TRC user want to pay with THIS crypto for everyday shops, online, face2face, want it well adopted, pay everywhere around the world easy. etc/ the concept of helping the world just make me sure that i choose correct one, I passively provide big help4the world by using it, supporting, spreading etc. That's how users will think.

Your concept of financial tool to help the world looks kind of very specialised for some group of professionalists focused on charity work. There are not that many of them these days in crypto world :) Price would fly if we've been add to bittrex xd or make big marketing storm during some huge humanitary help on batterfield :)

How will we have advantage over e.g. Dash Help if they already have much larger budget and proven already?
0 points, ~1 year ago
If we want to find the place for TRC we should be ready to make a breakthrough. And often the great discoveries derive from the observation of the common things from a different angle.

There are many shops in my town that already accept BTC.
And each time I pass near to a shop that advertises it I'm asking myself who are the guys that want to pay in BTC instead of fiat.
I'd be very curious to know what are the motivations behind their doing so.
In the condition to have a choice whether to pay with fiat or with crypto I'd chose fiat without any hesitation and I guess that the most of people would act like me if they ask themselves: "Why should I spend X BTC, for instance, to pay my coffee, while if I wait I can go to the restaurant for the same amount of BTC?"
Since I'd rather not pay with crypto, I don't feel it would be fair try to convince the others to use it in their day by day life.

The so called nonprofit sector is quite large. That's probably the reason there are so many helpcoins out there. In the United States, for instance, the nonprofit sector contributed $878 billion to the economy in 2012, or about 5.4 percent of their nation’s GDP. If the global nonprofit sector were a country, it would have the sixteenth largest economy in the world, according to GDP data compiled by the World Bank (source:

TRC is a relativelly small coin and our budget and possibilities are sized accordingly. But being small means also being agile. The DASH Community had some difficulty even to reduce their proposal fee while we can speak among us directly.

All the major coins where small at some point and they've grown in what they are now thanks to the ideas they were able to formulate and to realize.