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Title: Sustainable Land
Owner: hanzac
Created: 2018-08-20
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How about we use some of the fund to buy a land and recruit some people to work on the land, plant trees, grains and vegetables, raising animals etc.
The idea is to totally use Terracoin to create a sustainable environment.
What I need to know is how much it will cost to buy a piece of land? How much extra cost (for example, tax)? Is there any cheap land out there in US or else where? Is there any risk to run such project?

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0 points, ~1 year ago
I think we need to talk about "what kind" of farmland would be suitable as a FIRST investment - when the times comes that we can organize/mobilize budgets to do such stuff.

1. First of all it might not in general be something people would like to do even if we had the funds. In that case it might be a "sidechain budget" for thoose interested.
2. We would need a project where it's simpler to measure succes and progress - being short period from investment to first harvest to first income.
3. We need to involve locals - and be able to rely on their support - personally I think part of the revenue should be invested in the local community - aside from what we pay the workers.
4. Asses the political difficulty/risk related to the project
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0 points, ~1 year ago
It's a nice idea but until the price goes up a lot I can't see it being practical, even in the developing world. Bootstrapping a self-sustaining community is not a 5-minute project. You need a lot of local knowledge and committed individuals to drive it. The scope is just too ambitious at this stage.
Donating a masternode to an existing project/community to help them cover some operating expenses seems like a much more achievable idea - especially if there's a way for them to pay for goods and services they need with TRC.
1 points, ~1 year ago
I agree it's not something easily done - it expensive and it's hard work - but if successful it has a great and sustainable impact - the reason why I am looking into this on my own hand is because my wife has trustworthy relatives in such area - it's not realistic without local knowledge and mutual respect.
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Let's throw around some numbers. My wife was recently offered 5 hectares in rural Cambodia for $2500. It's a decent size chunk of land for some kind of sustainable agri-venture, but I don't have any details about irrigation, soil type, road access etc.. So whether it's actually suitable I have no idea. Anyway, that's about 36000 TRC at current prices. Monthly governance fund is about 22000 TRC so 2 months to buy a chunk of land. Ongoing expenses for (say) 4 workers for a year (assuming one harvest of whatever is grown after 1 year) could be $4800. Initial setup maybe another $2500? Total about 50% of the annual governance budget at current prices. Obviously we all hope the price will go up soon. Maybe if it went up 10 times, a project based on these mostly pulled out of the air figures, might be a reasonable proposition.

What sort of figures have you been looking at for a venture in the Philippines?
0 points, ~1 year ago
Yes we need to get some figures on the table to approach this - my cacao "venture" was 5 years back and was planned to start on land already owned by my wife's family a farm-worker there is was about $6/day if I remember correctly + you need to provide food (a gathering) for them and possibly their family while they work.
But a venture like the cacao is not really suitable as a first-time investment in land - not for an online community and not for me - because the initial investmen in cacao is quiet high and it will take 5-8 years before the investment will have any outcome - thats too risky for a first farmland investment. p.s. My initial investment was something like 8 month of dGov budget at current price.and then comes running operations for 8 years.
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This is really promising. I'd like to know more about the risk/security and tax. Does it allow foreigners to own the land?
For cambodia, if we can produce rice and fruits. That will be great. But how about the price of the seeds there?
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hi, I have looked into buying farmland in the Philippines - the rural areas there has a lot of potential in regards to increase output with better equipment - also many farmers are willing to sell the land and provide their work on the land instead - because they have a hard time keeping up by themselves.
In general, there are a lot of potentials (and risks) in giving these local areas a hand in the development - an investor who got the backing of the people will greatly impact everything from farming, manufacturing, services, financial capacity and politics.
I guess this is the case in many rural areas around the world - just look at Kiva and see how most projects there are really about the finance of smaller improvements to local business that in the "western world" would be a simple visit to the bank.