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Title: A charity site creation
Owner: johnwhitestar
Created: 2018-08-15
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We are glad to inform the TRC community that we've received a formal request from the charity we are already advertising on our site ( ) to help them with the creation of their site. The site will be very useful for them to acquire a better visibility and to attract the attention of potential donors.

Please feel free to express your ideas and to step in if you can help this project.

What we are going to do:

1) register a domain for them,

2) host and set up their site for free,

3) buy and install a specific charity theme for them or make it design specifically for us to be able using it in the future,

4) we are also in touch with a freelancer specialized in consultancy and promotion for non-profit organisations and charities, with an impressive CV and very positive feedbacks from big companies such as Philips, Airbnb, VoxPro, Terre des Hommes, and others. She worked in and supported many humanitarian projects, helping them set up, reach out or expand. She'll probably assist us in ideation and final control of the project as well as will make the final recommendations for the further development.

If you have any skill and wish to join this project or in case you think we can set up it better please let us know.

Please keep in mind that we’ll first realise this project and then submit its results to TRC dGov to recover the expenses, that’s why your participation in this discussion is very important at this stage, especially if you feel any concern about it.

Your financial participation would be also appreciated and compensated in case we’ll receive the final TRC dGov approval.

Of course once the site is up and running it will contain the mention of being created thanks to support of and in case it will be later on financed by TRC dGov the Community is free to decide editing this mention into “supported by TRC”.

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0 points, ~1 year ago
So, what happens if your proposal is rejected and you've already made your expenses? Or if the expenses are too high for the current budget? (Taking into consideration other proposals pass too.) Just trying to help out here, I think the idea is great.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hi Arthur,
thank you very much for your help with brainstorming.

My idea is moving within the frame "helping the world and advertising TRC" so potentially the price of TRC should begin moving up at some point if the idea works. Which means that sooner or later even if our budget should not be enough right now to cover the expenses the growth of the TRC's price would give us the possibility to pay the expenses of this project as well as of many other projects of the kind.

This is in case the TRC Community likes the idea, but the funds are not enough. In case the projects based on this idea should be repeatedly rejected by the TRC dGov even if the funds are enough and there is no clearly expressed interest of the TRC Community to discuss this idea in Discoveries it wouldn't make sense for me to invest further into it. In that case I'll either rebrand the site into something more neutral then Terracoin Helps The World or invent another idea or just stop working for TRC at all.

In any case I feel that we need to begin paying for results and not just for promizes because the concept of helping the world is so broad that it will always let space for the scammers to make us proposals that will appear much more interesting than the results of a hard work really done on the field. But in order to avoid being scammed in this mocking way the TRC Community have to become active on the level of Discoveries and begin discussing things into depth and in a very open manner here, so people will feel sure while taking risks and realizing their project that their project are supported by Community.

I've decided to take my risks and realize some project asking money after I've realized them, to see whether it can work, but I'd need the Community to brainstorm things with me here in order to have an exact idea about what they feel about what I'm about to do.

So I thank you very much for your questions and please feel free to express every concern or idea you have about this project.