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Title: Advertising sponsorship for Star School, Bangladesh
Owner: johnwhitestar
Created: 2018-07-24
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As some of you have probably noticed we have been publishing lately the articles about small charities all around the world in the new section "Charities to donate to" of our site

Among others you can read the article about the Star School in Bangladesh written by its owner Fauzia Majumder (

The primary goal of the work we are doing with the articles is to create some additional visibility to the small charities and similar activities that are really helping people in the places where the help is most needed.

The secondary goal is to speak about TRC as an innovational tool that may be used to help and to provide a concrete example of how the tool can be implemented.

We'd like to develop this idea further so we are publishing this Discovery to see whether the TRC Community would be interested.

We've made an agreements with the Star School and with a freelancer specialized in Facebook advertising to provide the opportunity for TRC to sponsor a small advertising campaign of the Star School on Facebook and for the Star School to benefit from it.

The campaign will have the maxiumum duration of 30 days in which we'll run each day 10$ worth of advertising campaign on Facebook.
Before we begin with the campaign the freelancer will create a landing page linked to the Star School profile, will target the right traffic and create the ads.
Each ad will contain the following mention "supported by" with the link to the front page of where I explain why I think Terracoin is unique and provide the link to and to Terracoin's Mattermost.
The facebook landing page of the Star School will contain the TRC logo and the link to

The main goal of the advertising campaign is to find people that will buy items that the school needs listed in the school's wishlist on ( and to send them with DHL to the school.
We expect to be able to find people that will donate at least a half of the list during our advertising campaign.

The secondary goal is to spread the idea that Terracoin is a tool that may be used practically in the real world to help people.
We expect as result of this campaing to receive at least 100 visits on and as consequence at least 10 visits to
And of course as an additional result we should expect that the word "Terracoin" will appear in thousands of impressions on Facebook during this campaign.

- freelancer's services 100$ fees,
- facebook advertising campaign cost ca. 300$ (10$ each day).
- operational costs fee 15%.
Aprox. total 500$

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0 points, ~1 year ago
Hi Hanzac,

Thank you very much for your comments.

I'd like to point out that we are not speaking about an online charity in this case - it's a really existent small school with the real owner that wrote the story, real children she is helping to from her pocket, because they need help, with the real issue the owner of the school has (that her parents want her to close the school because by helping others they are in loss), with the real concrete needs described in the article and formalized in the Amazon wishlist we've created with them in order the donors to be sure that 100% of their donation will be going to the cause.

Of course one day TRC may reach 1$ and we'll begin donating as it was decided months ago, but if we really want to help the world and there is an opportunity to help and advertise TRC in the same time right now can we just stay waiting?

Consider also that I did at least 6 month of work on the challenge "helping people and advertising TRC in the same time". And one of the main conclusions of this research is that if we really want to help people where the help is most needed we either need to create our own branches in those countries, hiring specialists, shouldering all the operational costs and risks in order to be able to help in place directly or we need to support the local specialists of help that are already working there.

But to be able to help those local specialists of help, and as consequence to help people they are helping to, you have to offer them what they really need if not they won't even speak with you.

What I published above is the result of my personal discovery about what the small charities in the poorest places of the world really need and I think I found the unique path for TRC to help the world and advertise itself in the same time.

All the work I've done so far was basing on the assuption that the TRC Community really wants to help the world. If the assuption proves to be wrong it wouldn't make sense for me investing my time and money into further work in that direction and for TRC Community to go on saying things they don't really mean.

PS Please have a look into the article it contains the photo, the story and the exact description of what the school need.
They also invite us to visit their school to see the things personally, but for me at the moment Bangladesh out of reach.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Sorry for my tough words. From a broader view, currently is the beginning of the new world. We have limited resources, that's why we should consider spending activities very carefully.
Can we involve such local specialist as terracoin community member? So that we can have closer view of him and he can also benefit from terracoin in the future.
What I'm concern about is that I'm not sure that facebook ads will be effective to find sponsors for them.
Besides if his needs is not urgent, I would rather sponsor him in a long time period, every time sponsor him a little money to buy some goods. Or do some advertisement for him (Is there anyway to push the search rank of terracoinhelpstheworld higher when using google, so that people can find it easily when searching for charities related. This will reduce our cost a lot. No need to repeat ads. cost.). A lot of expense in once, it might not be so effective. Finding sponsors needs lucky I think.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Dear Hanzac,
your tough words are very welcome.
I prefer much more to hear the Community concerns expressed in direct speach than a bashful silence of the people "so much concerned about helping the world".
Of course helping a charity of a Terracoin community member would be great, but it seems like we don't have any.
Creating a charity in whatever place of the world from scratch would cost much more of time and money than what we can afford at the moment and convincing some charity owner to become a TRC community member without providing any evidence that TRC is really helping the world is just impossible.
The hope that the big charitable organizations like Red Cross, Unicef, USAID and so on will become fascinated by TRC without us having done anything to make it look different from any other coin is probably just naive.
So we need to do something to help the world today if we feel that it's our mission. If not we are just another wanna be coin as all the other coins that has been created so far.
With this discovery I think I'm offering to TRC community an opportunity to do "one small step a for man, one giant leap for mankind" and to let TRC become from just another coin an opportunity for the world.

Having said that I don't really know whether the Facebook ads will be that efficient as I'd like them to be for the Star School.
If they are not we'll need to do other tests to find the most efficient way to advertise.The costs of pushing into the high traffic researches on Google may be quite high as well and we'd need many time to test the idea while with the Facebook ads we'll see the results the first day we begin to advertise.
The idea however is to run the first part of campaign for a week and to adjust its elements in order to be able to be more efficient afterwards.
We can also limit the time span of the campaign, as the biggest cost we have is the cost of Facebook ads themselves, but to be honest I think that 30 days advertising exposure for 500$ may be an interesting opportunity for TRC.
0 points, ~1 year ago
In my mind, I won't suggest to do extra online advertisement. We can do advertisement in the future when TRC becomes more valuable.
But I think we can support you to keep running, maybe you can also hire some free lancer to post links and stories in some forums (for example, - Politics & Society / Off-topic).
Currently, we should spend money on most effective ways, that's the key. In future, we can do broader adventures.
That's my idea. Feel free to take or not. ;-)
0 points, ~1 year ago
I'd also like to advertise TRC on TV, billboards, radio stations, newspapers and so on, but the online advertising is more cost efficient and it let you track exactly the results and re-adjust your campaign accordingly.
The main challenge for any crypto right now is to become useful in the real life. With my discovery we can be the first ones in this mandatory direction and we can be it tomorrow, if not we'll be waiting to become something useful thanks to the other ideas.
I don't think I'll make any other Proposal just to fund my expenses that believe me are not that low as the 15% fee I mentioned above. I'd rather go on publishing Discoveries here and waiting them to have a strong Community support. Or I can test things with my own money and ask to cover the test expenses on Proposals delivering concrete outputs of the tests. Another idea can be to ask funds to the other crypto Communities as well extending my concept from Terracoin Helps The World to Blockchain Helps The World or Masternodes Helping the World and becoming a company like Blockchain relations that is offering its services to other coins as well so I can be useful for TRC with the tests done for the other coins.

Thank you very much for you additional ideas. Bitcointalk in my opinion is quite dangerous to publish on, because as I said before the main challenge for the crypto right now is to become useful in the real life and there are other "help" coins out there with the strong investors behind them that are literally groping in the dark, from the point of view of my discoveries, and there are people there that do not need all this pages of explanations to get an idea and implement it after I just tell them half a word.

Of course I'll be working on TerracoinHelpsTheWorld google ranking, I'm thinking about Facebook page, Twitter, Telegram and Livejournal as well. So thank you for your precious inputs and the time you've dedicated to brainstorm my Discovery.
0 points, ~1 year ago
That's my pleasure.

If you think public Terracoin & it's real usage cases are dangerous, you can choose not exposing the Terracoin Name in the post on bitcointalk. Use Shortener URL for the real url link to terracoinhelpstheworld story. In this way, some one interested to do some charity work then he will click and open your page, while the technical bad guys eager for money will not be interested in such post.

Actually with some competition is good. Do you know that other "help" coin like TerraNova (seems like scammy, but still running) also post who they donated on their website.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Of course I can publish my articles on Bitcointalk as well, but keep in mind that the "charity" topics there receive almost no attention, at least in my experience.

The main issue we have with advertising TRC is that there is almost nothing to advertise.

Let's list what we have:
1) The substantial improvement of the code done by TheSin.
2) A group of leading TRC community members that are lending money on Kiva
3) An impressive number of donation masternodes.
4) The active community interested in helping the world
5) The activities of TRCF
6) The site

Now let's analyse whether there is anything in this list we can seriously advertise.

1) The substantial improvement of the code done by TheSin.
We can advertise this information on Bitcointalk because there are people there that understand what we are speaking about. Unfortunately there are so many coins around and many of them do update their code at some point so the news can be easily overlooked, even if I consider it an important step for TRC. In any case the topic I've chosen for my site leaves outside this kind of information.

2) A group of leading TRC community members that are lending money on Kiva
I guess it's an important activity but how many other people in the world are doing the same? Can we really say that the private initiative of the leaders of the Community is a specific TRC feature?

3) An impressive number of donation masternodes.
The nodes are not being used for donations at the moment. No plan on using them for donations has been discussed or published. Keep in mind that there are many other coins that have donation masternodes, that are already donating or have donated in the past. So once we'll begin donating I guess it will be not that special for the public opinion. In any case the private donations to TRCF is also not a specific TRC feature or breakthrough.

4) The active community interested in helping the world
There are some people that say they are interested to help the world in our community, but as you can see from this discussion a proposal to provide a concrete help in one of the poorest places of the world using a relatively small part of funds that is not being used in any case even if we'll be advertising TRC at the same time doesn't inspire anybody here. I think that to advertise our Community inclination to help the world we have to provide facts of the Community helping the world. And of course it's just not enough having some even relevant member of it doing something to help the world, because without the strong Community support and participation of TRC public funds any initiate remains a private one, so not proving in any way that TRC is the tool to help the world.

5) The activities of TRCF
We can advertise both the virtual and physical meetup of TRCF with its followers or the fact they are creating a non-profit or looking for a sponsor, but all these topics are out of my site's focus and probably are not such a substantial news to invest money and advertise it at least if we judge their reaction to my suggestions in this respect.

6) The site
My site is still a private initiative. It has been financed by TRC Community in the past, but the TRC Community has helped me, not the world and in any case the funds I received are far less then what I've invested by myself so far in terms of money, to not to speak in terms of time. The articles I'm publishing are in some extent helping the reviewed charities, but we can't say that TRC is helping that charities in that context, because it's me financing those articles. So doesn't provide any evidence either that TRC is the tool to help the world.

So to advertise TRC we need to find out something that let us say that TRC is exceptional. We can postpone this research waiting that TRC will reach 1$ for instance and then begin to look for an idea. So in case we are lucky maybe in two years time we'll have the concept ready. But chances are that in two years time the evolution of the crypto will be gone so far that our ideas will be just obsolete.

What I'm offering with this discovery is to do something concrete to help the world and to be able to speak about it in one month time. I.e. to have something about TRC to advertise. But if I do it without the Community support and funds it will be still my private initiative that do not proves anything about TRC.
0 points, ~1 year ago
I know life is hard but as long as we can survive, we will have a future. So keep surviving, this is the key.
In this proposal, the only thing I'm not confidence is the online advertising using facebook.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Don't get me wrong. What I'm describing in my previous post is not my problem, it's the problem of TRC. I'm well and of course not surviving.

Your concern about Facebook advertising is the main reason I published this discovery, because I have it as well. I hoped that some member of our Community has any experience with Facebook advertising and would say us for sure whether it can work or not.

The freelancer that I was thinking to hire for this project told me however that among all the ways to advertise he knows Facebook advertising would be the most efficient one.
0 points, ~1 year ago
What I mean is TRC (small alter coins) and generic cloud (human beings / earth creatures).
From here, I have no further suggestions. I almost never do advertisement. This is the weakest of my capabilities.
I can only say that feel free to do anything you think appropriate.
0 points, ~1 year ago
I understand your concern, but the idea to help the world with TRC is not mine.
I'm only trying to work on behalf of TRC Community.
If the idea sounds incredible even to us we probably should consider changing it in order not to appear ridiculous to the world.
But every innovation brings into life something that is just incredible without it.
Just imagine trying to convince a man from the Middle Ages that in the future people will be able to speak easily with each other at whatever distance. And today you can pickup the phone and call your friend that is thousands of miles far away.

So if we really want to help the world with TRC we need to do something innovative.
Usually innovation means greater efficiency. So if we were to use TRC to help the world in an innovative manner it should be something in which TRC can perform much better than anything else in that field.
That's to say that if TRC begins to help in some way charities and will perform better than anything else used before to do so, we can say that TRC is the innovational tool to help the world.
And as a side effect we'll have a much greater visibility for TRC itself.

Now let's consider advertising. If someone invests 100 $ into advertising and get no results he is just wasting his money. If someone invests 100$ into advertising and earns 100$ more than usual he is just wasting his time. Only if you invest 100$ and it gives you additional profits you can say you are advertising properly.
What is additional profit for TRC? It's the increase of its price. So if we advertise TRC properly we should expect its price to go up. If we are advertising TRC and helping the world at the same time with increase of its price we'll have more resources to advertise TRC and help the world.
Now just imagine for the moment that we were able to find the field in which TRC can perform much better than any other thing used before to do the same and that using TRC in that way we can help the world and advertise TRC at the same time.
A part the direct advertising TRC will do of itself in that contest, how much of free advertising can we get additionally?
To answer this question just go to your local newspaper and try to make them publish a news about TRC how is it now: PoW, DarkWave, Dash's Mn implementation, great community "wanna help the world" and so on and so on. How much effort will it cost to you to make them publish anything about TRC?
Now imagine TRC is an innovational tool in helping the world. How many mainstream media may be interested to publish the news about it? That's the reason why BTC or ETH or even Dash are so popular: they bring innovation into the world.
Until we don't have any innovation we'll never reach those levels, no matter how strongly we feel TRC is great and no matter how much we'll push the info about the features that TRC shares with the other coins.
And innovation means testing. And testing means failure, gathering data, re-testing, failure, gathering data, re-testing and so on until you havn't found the path. And that's what I did in the last 6 months almost full time.
This Discovery is about doing a public test together with Community to see whether TRC can be an innovational tool in the field that I found as result of my research.
It's an opportunity for TRC and I feel like we don't have many of them right now.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Invocation comes from younger talents, I see the potential of TRC community to attract more developers to come. But this is not an easy and quick task. It requires patience and our existing capability. Even you have money, it's still not easy to find a talent to work for you. Talents mostly work for their own or their believes. That's why I think surviving from this crowded crypto market is a success.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Currently I'm not quite interested in online charities. That's not really effective for the people we are willing to help. I'm really looking forward the terracoin community can have resources to go real life, to stand on the play yard of schools with children, to embrace the people, earth plants and animals. Go real and go ground! ;-)
0 points, ~1 year ago
In this reason, I'm against online advertising.
I'd like to support charity work with detail plan to go real and take photos and share the story.
0 points, ~1 year ago
For online advertising, if you take from your own pocket, I will have no words. But for the community fund, it should do something better.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Sorry I published my answer above thinking it would be beneath of your comments.