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Title: 8,500 TRC for Terracoin Art Contest
Owner: abettorpin
Created: 2018-06-27
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8,500 TRC for Terracoin Art Contest

As some of you may know, I set up the Zazzel store so that members of the Terracoin Community could easily purchase and own Terracoin merchandise (shirts, hoodies, phone cases, etc.). I make no money on this initiative and have vowed to use the minimum required royalties generated to donate back into other Terracoin initiatives (5% is the lowest, which they MAKE you take). See "The Terracoin Shop [Beta]" link above.

One of the ways I feel could strongly help create awareness for Terracoin is through a contest that would have artists compete for 5,000 TRC so they could set up their first Masternode. We could then take the winning art, and create more cool merchandise for the Community through the shop. The rules of the contest would be as followed:

The Terracoin T-Shirt and or Poster Art Contest! 1st Place to receive $5,000 TRC!


1.) Anyone can enter, but art content must be submitted by (specified date)

2.) Must utilize Terracoin Name, and/ or Logo, and/ or Likeness, and/ or Color Scheme

3.) Must utilize the slogan “A Better Way to Help the World”

4.) Participants can submit unlimited designs

5.) The community will vote on everything submitted, and vote-rankings will determine winner

6.) Submitters are encouraged to get creative and even use pop-culture in their design(s)

7.) 2nd and 3rd place to receive 2,500 TRC and 1,000 TRC, respectively

I feel this contest would be beneficial for a number of reasons:

1.) It gives the Community and The Foundation a fun/ creative initiative to blast out into the inter-webs via social

2.) We’ll be targeting a whole range of entrepreneurial artists, most of which aren’t yet into crypto, creating awareness

3.) The artists ideally have their own following, and will hopefully have their followers join the community to vote for their art

4.) We’ll be encouraging our own Community engagement via their participation in voting, and potentially in their participation of art creation

5.) We’ll be receiving art that will be utilized for the shop, which benefits the whole community through new merchandise

I will facilitate the contest (hopefully with the support of the Foundation’s social presence when appropriate), at no financial benefit to myself, as all the requested TRC will go to the winning participants.

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0 points, ~1 year ago
I like this idea a lot - especially because artists often has a strong opinion towards humanity and human nature as a general motive in arts. Do we know where to go and attract artists to join and form our movement?
0 points, ~1 year ago
This Discovery is currently on hold while I review tamper-proof voting options. I by no means am giving up on this idea, it's just presenting more difficulties than it did at first blush! Thanks to everyone who is participating in the discussion!
0 points, ~1 year ago
I must add that: I do admire your creativity in coming up with this idea, and I agree with your points on why there should be a contest. I only think the amounts awarded to the winners should be lowered.
0 points, ~1 year ago
In my opinion, I think paying 5000 Terracoin to the winner, 2500 to the runner up, and 1000 to third place is a bit too much.

I understand that this would be to benefit Terracoin and gain attention, but even at the current market price, 5000 TRC is around $400, which is a lot of money. Especially if you do not know how many participants will be entering the contest, and how many real people will actually vote. It'd be so easy for someone to cheat during the contest and just get a lot of votes from "the community", or one person is just more popular than another and will just get the votes.

I myself have been in a small contest before where the main prize was $250 and where each participant went through by voting, and I have to admit that it was easy for me to become the winner by the number of "votes".

I think a 2000, 1000, and 500 TRC reward would also motivate an artist enough, especially if he or she believes in TRC. Should there be fraud then (which I obviously hope there won't be), then the damage will be less severe. 3500 TRC lost, but at least not almost half the budget of a month.

I know that the discovery is not a proposal yet, which is why I ask for the amount to be changed. I think people don't realize how large an amount of 8500 TRC is. The potential value is a lot higher than most people realize.

I also think that by giving away huge amounts of TRC at a contest like this (where you don't even know what the turn-up will be) you actually keep the possible value of TRC low. If you just look at the team budget, then one can easily see that it is a fair pay if you take in consideration the possible value of TRC in the future ($0.50 - $1.00, for instance). I'm almost certain the team isn't selling too, so any TRC given to the team will not go into circulation (don't quote me on this, maybe they do sell).

However, if you look at a contest like this, the winner(s) could easily dump on the market. Looking at the future, if you just give out 8500 TRC, that is potentially handing out a lot more than $650-850 worth of TRC to only three winners of a contest where only a few people might vote, and 8500 TRC is almost half the budget of the month too.

The pro is that the winning design of the contest will be posted on Zazzle. I bought like 3 Terracoin shirts there myself today, customized, even edited the text of the logo in photoshop a bit (it took me hours, I suck at photoshop, but I wanted it to be perfect). From what I have heard (and correct me if I'm wrong) the shop is not that popular at the moment. Sure, team members bought some clothing there (and possibly will buy more in the future), but not really a lot of community members purchased there yet (I think).

All in all, I just do not see the upside of handing out 8500 TRC for a contest like this, I therefore think 3500 TRC would more than suffice.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Thanks for the reply. Initially I was only going to ask for 5000 TRC for the winner, but then figured there should be a 1st and 2nd place while I was writing the discovery. You are right that 8,500 TRC is high, and I appreciate you underscoring it.

I will reconsider the price of the awards when I submit the official proposal. Thanks.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Sorry- 2nd, and 3rd place*
0 points, ~1 year ago
Having a 2nd and 3rd place is great. It's always more desirable to compete when there are multiple chances to win a contest, which will lead to more contestants.
0 points, ~1 year ago
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hi abettorpin,
I think that the actual mission of blockchain is helping the world and in this sense Terracoin has the possibility to become the leader of the future development of the crypto.
Having said that I think that any kind of advertising for Terracoin is a good thing.
So you can count on me if you decide to transform this discovery into a proposal.
I'd like to add that I have a domain registered and already paid by dGov that is being used to redirect the possible future traffic for the site (as the non native English speakers may confuse the words "artiste" and "artist").
As my project won't be developed at least for the moment, as I found another path to work on that probably will be more efficient, I'm ready to point to where you want it to point so you can develop a site using that domain and once the it has expired it will be my pleasure to let it register on your name.
0 points, ~1 year ago
Hey John. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your support in this proposal, and will consider whether or not I can do anything with your url; a generous offer. I may wait to see how the contest pans out before making any sort of commitment of that nature. Thanks again for your support.