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Title: Dramatically Increase Exposure with News Networks and Well-Followed Social Media Accounts
Owner: BlockchainRelations
Created: 2018-05-20
Proposal link: IncreaseExposureWithMediaDistribution


Our focus is on bringing the crypto markets and mainstream audiences together. Using the infrastructure and relationships established the past 10+ years, we would like to help Terracoin raise its visibility in a credible manner.

To see an example of our work already done for Terracoin, please view the 22-page flipbook launched recently:


I discovered Terracoin just recently and love it for the history, community governance, self-funded treasury, and masternode network. Interacting with the community and core team caused me to love it even more. I’ve always been a huge fan of self-funded governance coins, but Terracoin’s unique story makes it particularly exciting.

Even though it’s been a relatively short time since I became part of the community, Clockuniverse and I have had several long conversations. A couple of them were about what we’ve done with other community coins and how we could provide the most value at the current stage. I’ve also provided a long list of suggestions for the new website.


Summary of the article portion:

  • Write summary article (already completed and submitted to ClockUniverse for review)
  • Distribute via NetworkNewsWire’s editorial syndication network (
  • Distribute using the 30+ social media brands in the InvestorBrandNetwork (
  • Distribute using the Blockchain Relations Brand Network (
  • Utilize 24-7 Press Release distribution to announce publication of the article
  • Reach out to 600+ journalist contacts in our custom database compiled with MeltWater

Summary of the interview portion:

  • Perform a video interview with Clock Universe and publish on YouTube and DTube
  • Write a summary of the interview to create an article that can be disseminated
  • Distribute via NetworkNewsWire’s editorial syndication network (
  • Distribute using the 30+ social media brands in the InvestorBrandNetwork (
  • Distribute using the Blockchain Relations Brand Network (
  • Utilize 24-7 Press Release distribution to announce publication of the article
  • Reach out to 600+ journalist contacts in our custom database compiled with MeltWater

**Visual presentation with examples of prior work for other cryptos:**


One of our most powerful ways of connecting mainstream audiences with crypto (while dramatically increasing exposure as a whole) is by leveraging syndicated article distribution that ticker tags publicly traded companies. We’ve received placements on MarketWatch, and others. More details on the outlets can be found here: Typically, only “client partners” of NetworkNewsWire clients paying the $5k monthly core client fee get access, but as part of the recent expansion into the crypto markets (pushed by yours truly as one of the directors), we’ve started to offer distribution of single articles to crypto for $500.

This also includes distributing the article via 30 different brands ( built up over the last 10 years that now collectively have over a million social media followers.


Each brand part of the Blockchain Relations Brand Network ( is designed to attract a different type of blockchain and/or crypto enthusiast. There are about 15,000 followers among them all as of right now.


As everyone in PR knows, you can’t put out a traditional press release unless it’s news (this means no advertisements, articles, editorials, etc.). One of the strategies we’ve used in the past to get even further distribution is announcing the publication of an article (i.e. instead of trying to release the article directly to news sites, we announce that the article has been published). I’ve been wanting to try out 24-7 Press Release to see how it compares to PRWeb (a PRNewswire-affiliated company we’ve been using).

We would be happy to pay the $139 for the Integrated Media Pro package at no additional charge both times, which combines both online & traditional media. The news release would be written and then sent to newspapers, magazines, journalists, bloggers & consumers, as well as 200+ news sites.  


  • 24-7 Press Release will send our announcement of publication to 3000+ newspapers and 1500+ magazines
  • The press release will also be sent to Associated Press and 200+ premium news sites for publication
  • Ticker-tagging of MasterCard (NYSE: MA), Vista (NYSE: V) and Overstock (NYSE: OSTK) with NetworkNewsWire will provide direct exposure to self-directed traders who are most likely to understand the implications and have accounts on crypto exchanges
  • Third-party coverage eliminates the stigma of self-promotion, attracts further interest and provides new perspective
  • These initiatives will build up credible content on news-oriented websites for people to discover when researching Terracoin in the future (i.e. the content stays up and will be viewed by others later on as well)

Special notes:

  • The reason we’re wishing to start out bigger than previously intended is because only a small portion of the cycle’s budget is utilized
  • 1000 TRC will be donated to the Terracoin Foundation Masternodes address
  • There are no intentions of putting the amount of Terracoin received on the market – we truly believe in the future potential and want to be part of building it up (I'll pay NNW in fiat and keep the TRC)
  • The chief project manager (XTR750) holds multiple nodes and will continue to be an active community member
  • Our global MeltWater subscription retails at $6,000 a year
  • The landing page of the article and interview for BRBN social media distributions would feature ways to connect with Terracoin (example:

Itemized budget compiled at $0.15 market price:

  • 1,000 TRC for writing the in-depth overview article
  • 3,330 TRC for dissemination via NNW syndication and IBN
  • 1,000 TRC for utilizing MeltWater journalist outreach to 600+ journalists
  • 2,000 TRC for video interview (includes writing questions, recording, editing, and publication)
  • 3,330 TRC for dissemination via NNW syndication and IBN

What is being provided at *no* cost:

  • Nothing for Blockchain Relations Brand Network distribution both times
  • Nothing for 1st purchase of $139 Integrated Media PRO package from 24-7 Press Release
  • Nothing for 2nd purchase of $139 Integrated Media PRO package from 24-7 Press Release


I know that Terracoin is special and want to be a big part of it for as long as the community stays true to the current vision. One day, I’m hoping we can do a full ongoing campaign as we’ve done for others. For instance, using a network of news wires we can hit 56 different countries in 12 different languages. Setting up a news media tracker website, proactive journalist outreach, continual syndicated articles, etc. could also be done.


You’re welcome to contact us through the multiple engagement options on the Blockchain Relations website or on Mattermost using XTR750 username. I am more than happy to share what we’re actively doing for others and my background in syndicated communications & public relations (primiarly in the investor relations space).

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0 points, ~2 years ago
Based on your work on the flip book for us, I can't wait to see what you can do with this, I think this should become a proposal right away, we need more marketing type proposals!
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thank you very much for your discovery and welcome into our community!
I think TRC needs professionals to support its ideas so if the things are like you are describing them it would be an important step for TRC, IMHO.
Having said that, I'd like to ask you whether it's possible to see some of your campaigns in action or the goals you've reached using your tools, to understand better the potential of this Discovery?
Or maybe you can consider to make some steps to show us the potential of your offer and then to put the proposal to make us compensate you for results?
It's only my personal idea, so don't get it as the Community's point of view. The others will express themselves here later, I hope, so maybe someone will correct me if I misunderstood something or in case I've put it wrong.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thanks, John!

Glad you feel that way. It's the reason we entered this market (bringing with us all the resources and connections built while serving publicly traded companies the past 12 years). The key for crypto to acheive true success in the "real world" is being known, trusted and easily understood. Our approach to accomplishing this is using credible news networks, community involvement and ongoing communication strategies.

Yes, the biggest media campaign we are working on right now is SmartCash. We put together this community report so people can see we're doing everything we said we'd do:

You might also want to look through some of the examples shown here:

The mainstream market, as expected, is slow to accepting/understanding the content, but we focus on engaging those with interest by pushing them towards the flipbook that brings the full picture to life and chat networks where they can ask the questions family/friends don't know how to answer. Plus, there are certain first-mover advantages that simply won't be available once PR is commonly used by crypto communities/projects.

More details can be found here:
0 points, ~2 years ago
Thank you very much for your replay.

I'd like to ask if you'll be able to see any relation between your publications about SmartCash and it's price. If so would you kindly provide any evidence in order to be able to verify it?

What is the goal of the publications on the apparently zero traffic sites like this one: (your article, mentioned here:
0 points, ~2 years ago
Sure thing, John! Great questions and always love the opportunity to show what we've done (although I usually do have some hesitation since it involves mentioning other coins, which is something often frowned upon although my view is that all coins/tokens are in this together and need each other to succeed).

Anyway, to answer your questions, you're more than welcome to see publication times of the articles and press releases (just keep in mind that social media distribution and follow up coverage happens over a 1-2 day period to spread things out) and then bring up a chart on CoinMarketCap, but please know our goal isn't to increase price and volume (so we intentionally don't create reports on it - especially with legal implications in mind), but rather to build up credibility and awareness with the goal of bringing in like-minded people (to clarify, not specifically by seeing more people change fiat/crypto to TRC but to see more people become an active part of the community who either serve directly or increase our strength by bringing in new talent/influence through evangelizing). This answer is obviously not popular among most of the people we talk to... but our methods focus on continually putting the brand in front of more people, encouraging more grass roots efforts through increased recognition and added impact via dissemination, building up credible content for people to discover at a future time, growing the community by bridging the gap between mainstream audiences and crypto, and educating others about the advances that have happened allowing for true market/merchant adoption.

Rather than go after coin flippers that just rush to whatever is most exciting for the moment (and then quickly leave), we focus on building up a solid reputation based on strong fundamentals, credibility and purpose vs. trying to get rich through price action (an approach that will hurt Terracoin long term, even though that may seem to be the best way to get attention in the crypto space -- just imagine how much more refreshing it would be to not direct all or most efforts to trying to increase price and instead take a radically different approach with a higher calling).

As far as the assessment listed above, I'd really encourage looking up other sites like Yahoo! Japan that are also included (and as mentioned on the forums, there are many more sites than just what shows on the sample clip report - there are 3 reports with 300 pages in total - and together all these sites make an impact even though there are some really small ones in there). Also, keep in mind tools like use Alexa Rankings as a base. Because Alexa has to extrapolate the data, they are often very inaccurate. Here's a forum thread I found with a discussion on it but there's a lot more out there on this topic as well:

Something else worth mentioning is the power of being able to use NNW's syndication to get listed in the press release section of companies like Square ($20 billion payments company), Microsoft, etc. using ticker-tagging. Doing that on websites like Marketwatch, and StreetInsider is pretty notable; I don't know any other way of doing this (since everyone else requires ticker permission). It was only made possible because of key relationships built up over a decade (takes a lot of trust when dealing with financial content) and the thousands of high quality-articles created with the network of brands Michael and I established.

Here's an annotated screenshot we posted awhile back showing a ticker-tagged example on MarketWatch:
0 points, ~2 years ago
Sorry I'm not able to edit here.
Instead of "I'd like to ask if you'll be able" I wanted to say "I'd like to ask if you were able".