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Title: Food for the poor
Owner: Skele
Created: 2018-05-14
Proposal link: CharityKitchen


I was very inspired hanging around another kindness and helping orientated cryptocurrency where the community was funding a british fellows soup-kitchen. Which distrubuted meals on the streets openly to anyone who might be hungry for it. This further pivoted me into writing this...

I have felt deep pain walking around the streets of my small hometown and seeing suprisingly many people go hungry. We have some food that is distributed for free occasionally in town, but it seems that the bureaucraziness is too much for many to apply to get these packages. Especially the ones most in need of help and food, the alcoholics and the drug addicts have a hard time getting these food-packages. Some cannot walk and some have illogical fear of going there. I have been collecting food from the dumpsters  every now and then and distributing it directly to the people in need to their homes. I've been trying to motivate those able to walk to do so aswell, with some success- so that even the ones wasting all their money on intoxicants might be able to eat. Asking them do they know anyone else who might need some food, explaining that I just don't want it to go to waste. (Finnish people are very reluctant to accept help... So it is best to "soften the blow")

So I have been thinkin a few times when I've read that the governance budget is often going unused, I might place a proposal asking for funds to buy ingridient so I could cook meals in portions and bring the packages to the many locals in need of nourishment. Hopefully fell fed some of them have hope of getting- or keeping their life on a proper track.

I don't know what sort of sum I dare ask for this, but I would provide receipts of purchasing the ingridients, pictures of me cooking and distributing the meals... Hopefully with thankful people agreeing to be photographed.

Perhaps this could eventually evolve into a permanent operation. Possibly a stationary kitchen point where I cook and share food and then distribute it in part separately.

I feel like I am meant to do this, because I am in a special social position having networked locally all my life with everyone and anyone with no discrimination. I can help those who are behind doors they don't want to open to anyone.

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