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Title: SPCA Frisbees
Owner: Fetticakes
Created: 2018-03-20
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I'm thinking that a neat way to advertise TRC, and help out at the same time, might be some custom printed frisbees/tug toys that could be handed out to the SPCA/animal shelters for the dogs there. I'm working on getting a quote and sample of the product right now; I wanted to get this idea out there and see what people thought of it!

I'll update this as more info comes available :)

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0 points, ~2 years ago
I like this idea, I don't think the cost would be very high and it'll help some animals in need and also get the word out a little at the same time. Do you have any example or what your where thinking design wise? I think having our name and website minimum is a must.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Yah, name/logo/website for sure, I'm waiting to hear back if 2 print colors can be done; once I have that info I will be able to tally some numbers :)