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Title: Long Term Goals
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Created: 2017-11-16
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0 points, ~2 years ago
Indeed. This is something youre best off breaking into smaller pieces. This is something that would likely need to go onto the back burner because solar panels are expensive/costly.

Now I do like the education idea. More short term perhaps TRC could be donated or something to help fund the education of someone in a third world country.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Ive heard that investing into the solar panels has the negative ROI because the solar panels got broken quicker than youll be able to recover their cost.
I know that some people do put the solar panels upon the greenhouse so you make money from the energy and from selling vegetables as well. Though if we think about an African country here there is no water in the desert, so no greenhouses as well.
Typically youd sell the excess of the energy you produce to the national energy provider, so there is a middleman between you and the final consumer, maybe if you produce the energy to mine it can be more profitable.

Regarding the other questions maybe it would be a great idea to divide this proposal into smaller chunks, as its difficult to brainstorm such a vast quantity or subjects at once.
0 points, ~2 years ago
Im on a little roll, so my longer term ideas... which may arrive sooner if crytos 10x again in 2018... on slack I was talking about buying farmland or solar panels to help underserved communities. Digging a bit deeper, it may not be as easy as originally thought as we would have to contend with local governments who may not uphold any sale once they have the money. Solar panels may still work...

I believe the right education is invaluable, so my other idea is to teach teachers for rural and underserved areas of the world. Perhaps begin with Math, English and coding? then expand from there. Or even build schools if the value of TRC rises enough Three Cups of Tea?

Please feel free to chime in - this is just brainstorming at this point.