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  • Notifications on payments and downtime: email, mobile push and MatterMost
  • Earnings statistics (today, 7 days, monthly, lifetime)
  • Comfortable Terracoin budget proposal voting and proposal discussion
  • Service is currently free of charge
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Clock Universe
21 Feb

February 20th Weekly Terracoin Update — Smorgasbord

I have a smorgasbord of important information for this Terracoin Weekly Update!


TradeSatoshi is closing its doors! You only have until March 1st, so get your coins off …

Clock Universe
14 Feb

February 13th Weekly Terracoin Update — Info

This week I have some more info about Fides-Ex and other things to throw at you!


What was mentioned as a possibility last week, has become a reality this week. We have been added to …

Clock Universe
07 Feb

February 6th Weekly Terracoin Update — Integrations

We have a lot of integrations happening right now! So, let’s get down to them!


We have been added to a new exchange called Fides-Ex! I have talked with a lot of exchanges …

Clock Universe
31 Jan

January 30th Weekly Terracoin Update — Huge

We have been listed on POSMN; which is huge! They are a masternode hosting site that offers hosting for around fifty cents USD (depending on how you pay). That means running a Terracoin …

Clock Universe
24 Jan

January 23rd Weekly Terracoin Update — Reminders


This week I wanted to focus on a few reminders. We have a growing number of enabled masternodes, so I wanted to make sure everyone was setting up their masternodes in the most …

Clock Universe
17 Jan

January 16th Weekly Terracoin Update — Transparent

One of the Terracoin Foundation’s goals has been to be as transparent as possible. We always want to keep everything on the up and up and keep the community informed in …

Clock Universe
10 Jan

January 9th Weekly Terracoin Update — Vacation


I am actually on vacation today, but as the old saying goes, “The spice must flow!”


We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the next year and we really want to hit the …

Clock Universe
03 Jan

January 2nd Weekly Terracoin Update — Year

New Year

The new year is here, and I had planned to have a pretty short Weekly update because most everyone is on vacation.

It turns out that us Terracoin people don’t take vacations and we …

Clock Universe
27 Dec

December 26th Weekly Terracoin Update — Xmas


This will be a short Weekly because yesterday was Xmas and that means that I am still recovering from the holiday.

Next week’s Weekly will probably be the same since New Years Eve is …

Clock Universe
20 Dec

December 19th Weekly Terracoin Update — Improvements!

We have had a bunch of different improvements to happen over the past week! I am going to shoot through them!


TheSin and SixofFive have improved the speed and reliability …