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Clock Universe
06 Dec

December 5th Weekly Terracoin Update — Bootstrap

As people are setting up new masternodes the call for an updated bootstrap have begun again!

TheSin and SixofFive went one better and not only set up a monthly updating bootstrap, but …

Clock Universe
28 Nov

November 27th Weekly Terracoin Update — Turkey

Turkey Day

Tomorrow is Turkey Day for me, so I am sending out the Weekly Update a day early.

I also will be keeping it short* as I still have supplies to buy for tomorrow, and during this …

Clock Universe
22 Nov

November 21st Weekly Terracoin Update — VTM4 Released!

Virtual Team Meetup 4 Video

The Fourth Virtual Team Meetup video has been released!

As I mentioned in the last weekly, it was great fun talking with everyone and I look forward to …

Clock Universe
15 Nov

November 14th Weekly Terracoin Update — Autumn

Well, it is autumn, and that means that my day job warms up and the cryptoworld cools down.

Every year as the holidays approach I notice a slow down of replies to emails and PMs in the …

Clock Universe
08 Nov

November 7th Weekly Terracoin Update — Virtual Team Meetup 4


Before I get into the 4th Virtual Team Meetup, I wanted to give TheSin another shout out!

TheSin has taken it upon himself to get many of the sites we are listed on …

Clock Universe
01 Nov

October 31st Weekly Terracoin Update — Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone!

This is going to be a quick weekly update because I soon must turn off all my lights and hide in the basement until the trick or treaters …

Clock Universe
25 Oct

October 24th Weekly Terracoin Update — SouthXchange


Terracoin has been listed on SouthXchange!

We have been second in their voting queue for quite a while now and with the end of Coinexchange and NovaExchange the community …

Clock Universe
18 Oct

October 17th Weekly Terracoin Update — Telephony

October 17th Weekly Terracoin Update — Telephony


There was some telephony that went on this Monday.

I was able to get on the Crypotopia liquidators call!

The original …

Clock Universe
11 Oct

October 10th Weekly Terracoin Update — Golden

Golden Age

I feel like we are about to hit the golden age of crypto!

I know what you are going to ask.

With all the sites closing and altcoins collapsing, how can this be the start of a …

Clock Universe
04 Oct

October 3rd Weekly Terracoin Update — CoinExchange.io

CoinExchange.io has thrown in the towel! Trading will be suspended on October 15th and all withdrawals will stop December 1st.

This is the second exchange to announce their closure …