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  • Notifications on payments and downtime: email, mobile push and MatterMost
  • Earnings statistics (today, 7 days, monthly, lifetime)
  • Comfortable Terracoin budget proposal voting and proposal discussion
  • Service is currently free of charge
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Clock Universe
27 Mar

March 26th Weekly Terracoin Update — Highlight

I have heard from the community that more than a few of you are bored while sitting at your homes, so I thought I would highlight a few more things you could do this week.

Masternode …

Clock Universe
20 Mar

March 19th Weekly Terracoin Update — Waiting

The coronavirus has started the “waiting for something to happen” feeling. I guess it started last week for everyone outside of China, but that feeling really set in this week for most …

Clock Universe
13 Mar

March 12th Weekly Terracoin Update — Plague

The coronavirus plague has arrived and there is a lot to say about its immediate impact on the global economy, but I am not going to talk about that part of it. There are enough talking …

Clock Universe
06 Mar

March 5th Weekly Terracoin Update —


The TerracoinCore version binaries have been released! You can find them here, or on our website!

You may have also noticed a notification appear in your GUI …

Clock Universe
28 Feb

February 27th Weekly Terracoin Update — Arbitrage

With all of the different exchanges Terracoin is listed on, and with the ever-changing crypto environment the best way to trade is with arbitrage!

Auscoi of Tipsy has been working on …

Clock Universe
21 Feb

February 20th Weekly Terracoin Update — Smorgasbord

I have a smorgasbord of important information for this Terracoin Weekly Update!


TradeSatoshi is closing its doors! You only have until March 1st, so get your coins off …

Clock Universe
14 Feb

February 13th Weekly Terracoin Update — Info

This week I have some more info about Fides-Ex and other things to throw at you!


What was mentioned as a possibility last week, has become a reality this week. We have been added to …

Clock Universe
07 Feb

February 6th Weekly Terracoin Update — Integrations

We have a lot of integrations happening right now! So, let’s get down to them!


We have been added to a new exchange called Fides-Ex! I have talked with a lot of exchanges …

Clock Universe
31 Jan

January 30th Weekly Terracoin Update — Huge

We have been listed on POSMN; which is huge! They are a masternode hosting site that offers hosting for around fifty cents USD (depending on how you pay). That means running a Terracoin …

Clock Universe
24 Jan

January 23rd Weekly Terracoin Update — Reminders


This week I wanted to focus on a few reminders. We have a growing number of enabled masternodes, so I wanted to make sure everyone was setting up their masternodes in the most …