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  • Comfortable Terracoin budget proposal voting and proposal discussion
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Clock Universe
03 Jul

July 2nd Weekly Terracoin Update — NLexch

It looks like the exchange NLexch has thrown in the towel. NLexch has been a supporter of Terracoin for so long I actually can’t remember when they added TRC to their mining pool and then …

Clock Universe
26 Jun

June 25th Weekly Terracoin Update — Philippines

I didn’t want the donations to the Philippines to fall by the wayside during all this coronavirus action, so I wanted to highlight it again.

Especially since we just got another …

Clock Universe
19 Jun

June 18th Weekly Terracoin Update — Conundrum

Some of the world seems to be in a conundrum right now on whether to reopen or not reopen.

I know I keep talking about the coronavirus, but it impacts everyone’s lives including the …

Clock Universe
12 Jun

June 11th Weekly Terracoin Update — Second

Right when I was ready for the first wave of the coronavirus to end, it looks like we are preemptively entering a second wave of infections.

At least it seems so in the US.

I am curious how it …

Clock Universe
05 Jun

June 4th Weekly Terracoin Update — Chaos

This weekly update is going to short because the world is in chaos right now!

I thought the last couple of months was rough with the coronavirus, but I guess I was mistaken.

I don’t want to …

Clock Universe
29 May

May 28th Weekly Terracoin Update — Magnum

I have mentioned the Magnum wallet in past weekly updates, but I don’t think I have highlighted it! I wanted to talk about it this weekly to make sure it didn’t fall through …

Clock Universe
22 May

May 21st Weekly Terracoin Update — Activity

There has been a ton of activity lately on our Mattermost server!

The community has really started the ball rolling on brainstorming new ideas and directions that Terracoin should take in …

Clock Universe
15 May

May 14th Weekly Terracoin Update — Rolling

I wanted to get the suggestion ball rolling when the demands of The Terracoin Team’s day jobs slow down.

What I mean is that during the coronavirus it has been a roller coaster of day job …

Clock Universe
08 May

May 7th Weekly Terracoin Update — Brainstorming

Several community members on Mattermost have started brainstorming on ways to improve Terracoin’s marketing presence.

Marketing has always been a challenge for the Terracoin Team and …

Clock Universe
01 May

April 30th Weekly Terracoin Update — Remind

During the Coronavirus, as us IT guys get over worked while we get under paid, I want to remind people of a few awesome Terracoin things that everyone should check out!

SocialSend Exchange

We …