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Clock Universe
22 Jan

January 21st Terracoin Update — Safety First

January 21st Terracoin Update — Safety First

By Buffer01

This will be a short update and a few recommendations on how to take the safe path in the handover from The Terracoin …

Clock Universe
08 Jan

January 7th Terracoin Update — To be continued…

This weekly update has been written by Buffer01!

To be continued…

First of all, THANK YOU to the Terracoin Foundation for all the years of dedication and hard work, for Clock’s …

Clock Universe
01 Jan

December 31st Weekly Terracoin Update — End

The Terracoin Foundation has decided to end our support of Terracoin and shut down The Terracoin Foundation.

We have concluded that no cryptocurrency that is ethical and wanting to help the …

Clock Universe
25 Dec

December 24th Weekly Terracoin Update — Eve

It is Christmas Eve! So, this is going to be really quick.

Happy holidays and I will talk to everyone next Thursday!

I do have a quick announcement about Fides-Ex so check it …

Clock Universe
18 Dec

December 17th Weekly Terracoin Update — Holidays

I don’t have much for this Weekly update because the holidays are upon us! That means things slow down in the Terracoin world as we get ready or start on our holiday madness! The …

Clock Universe
11 Dec

December 10th Weekly Terracoin Update — Gemmer

We are officially added to Gemmer!

I originally mentioned back in November that we were in the closed alpha of the wallet, but it is now released in Early Access!

Gemmer is a lightweight …

Clock Universe
04 Dec

December 3rd Weekly Terracoin Update — Thanksgiving

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the States and since we got added to another exchange, I didn’t get a chance to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in the last …

Clock Universe
27 Nov

November 26th Weekly Terracoin Update — Altilly

We have been added to Altilly! Last week we got added to FreiExchange and this week we got added to Altilly. Things are looking up!

We got added to two pairings.


Clock Universe
20 Nov

November 19th Weekly Terracoin Update — FreiExchange

We have been added to FreiExchange!

Zapple announced a while back that they are closing at the end of the year, and Fides-Ex has announced that if they don’t get further …

Clock Universe
13 Nov

November 12th Weekly Terracoin Update — Constriction

I have been in the crypto game for at least a hundred and seventy crypto years and I feel like the cryptoworld goes through two phases: a constriction phase and an expansion …